👉 Scientists bring new research> Robots to deliver medicines to special places of the body

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The days in the health sector are doing new discoveries, making the treatment easier and easier. For this, scientists from the country and around the world are contributing. Ever find the search for different medicines, they sometimes find tools that simplify the treatment process. In this sequence, London's scientists have discovered a microscopic robot that will work to deliver medicines at special places of the body. Through this article we are telling you in detail about the device.


Scientists have created floating microbial robotic devices, which can be used to deliver medicines to specific parts of the body. This robot imitates the size and behavior of sperm cells. The upper end of these extremely turnable robots is magnetic and the lower part is like a flexible tail.

Their upper end is magnetic. Activating it from its magnetic field helps in moving it to a certain part. In the UK, researchers from the University of Exeter have created this equipment and magnetic control system. He has also developed a mathematical model for predicting the behavior of these instruments in different situations


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(scientific fact) > Scientists believe that these devices can be used to deliver medicines to specific parts of the body. Also, they can be used to dramatically improve the time taken in the treatment and to make them successful. Professor Fioror Ogrin said that this technique can completely change the way we treat it. One day these robots can be used to get the medicine properly in the body by passing through the veins of the blood, where it is needed


He said that this can reduce the time spent in treatment, which could save lives of people. This research has been published in Journal Physics of Fluid






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