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RE: Extensive Post Reveals Drills, Anomalies and Child Actors Involved With Parkland School Shooting in Florida on February 14, 2018 (N.S.F.W.)

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Thanks for compiling this for everyone. I think it could help people that actually believe what they see on tv. As for myself as soon as I heard about it I just assumed things were not as they appeared. Once I saw how quickly the anti gun message was prepped and pushed by the reported victims, I knew that it was staged, whether it was a hoax or a F.F. I couldn't tell you. I just don't believe the "fear mongering" anymore. To many of these have been faked, after learning that the [email protected] spent just under $.5 billion on fake terrorist videos, nothing is believable. At least not until a massive amount of independent sources confirm it, and it holds up to scrutiny. The fact that scrutiny of this "event" is being censored, just proves that it is unable to hold up against it.

Oh BTW don't worry your pretty little heads about ol Kimmy Nuking you. It's all theater, smoke and mirrors nothing more. The goal is to get us scared, that way we will gladly give up out freedoms. Don't buy it.


I'm not sure whether FF or hoax, but I do think MIHOP. One thing that could be a major factor determining what really happened is the body of the very dark skinned girl that is in the chaotic video showing supposed victims. The video reminds me of videos I have seen of the White Helmets in Syria when they conduct a staged chaotic scene and act it all out. Keep in mind those White Helmets fake videos are then promoted by western media outlets across the board. (This is intentional. They MSM knows full well they are fake.)The MSM are 100% in on the White Helmets psyop. They are using the terrorists posing as rescuers for propaganda purposes and regime change in Syria and they are working in collusion with the US shadow government to do so. Thus, it is always prudent to be suspicious of how the media rolls out an across-the-board narrative. One should look closely at the video clips they choose to provide to the public via the MSM, how they edit them, the length of the clip in regards to possible overall footage, the blurring out of certain features, camera shakiness within the footage, what is missing in consideration of normality/priorities, etc.

I think it is important to figure out the identity of the dark skinned female lying on the floor in this Live Leak video.

Stoneman High School Shooting - Social media video of various shooting victims in the classroom and hallway

Note that the dark skinned female is receiving no medical attention and there is what appears to be a significant amount of blood beside her. No blood splatter on the wall is apparent. If you freeze the video at the 32 second mark you can see that the blood on the floor is swirled with whiteness, appearing smeared (disturbed). Possibly the body was rolled over previously. It is not an unaffected red pool of blood. There is also a small clear space between the legs and the blood. She is not moving and her head is angled sideways. At the beginning of the clip two Broward County police officers carry a female, who appears to have no noticeable injuries (no blood seen), out of the room while leaving the non-moving victim with the serious injury on the floor. If the person is alive, such a large amount of blood should normally lead to "prioritization" in regards to necessity to save lives on the part of the police officers. The only proper reasons the police officer should leave the heavily injured female is 1) she is already dead or 2) she is alive but moving her could exacerbate her injuries (possibly damaged spine, internally shot or applied torniquet -her clothes do not show a torniquet). However, if that is a serious gunshot wound to the leg she should be getting a blood transfusion as soon as possible. Thus, she would likely take priority over others.

The second police officer actually isn't carrying the seemingly uninjured victim. Instead he is simply holding his right arm up for a few seconds as if he were helping carry her, when in actuality he is not. Then he runs off camera at the 18 second mark. Thus, this begs the question " why did they leave the dark skinned female on the floor?" "Was she already dead and the other girl simply was their priority?" After that the camera shakes back and forth as the students run out of the classroom behind the police, (camera quickly pans to the female on floor) and the students run past her leaving her behind also (one female wearing no shoes). She is left unattended.

Now note as they leave the classroom and file out through the door at the 38 second mark in the video there is a police officer facing towards them standing against the wall holding weapon at chest height position (barrel facing left). What is he doing there? Is he just monitoring their exit? Why? This stands out to me as evidence that the girl must be considered as deceased, otherwise he would be attending to her instead of doing what he is doing which appears to be simply standing there monitoring their exit while holding a weapon.

As I mentioned in the large post above, CNN's page showing the 17 victims appears not to have a dark skinned female amongst the victims, thus, the next logical question to ask is "who was this girl?" "why did the police leave her there?" "If she was seriously injured and not deceased, why did the police not prioritize her due to her apparent injuries?" "Was there the possibility she could have bled out while left unattended?" "Where is the rest of the earlier edited out footage filmed by the person holding the camera?". The earlier footage would help get to the bottom of these questions. Note also that another student in the video is filming with their phone also and showing to another student.

Buzzfeed has some other images of the victims. I still could not find a female with that dark of skin amongst the images. Listed victim had the darkest skin but judging from her image, not that dark.

Buzzfeed has Facebook link to this image of Helena Ramsey. The hairstyle looks similar to the victim on the floor, but the skin seems lighter. May be her.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 11.22.24 AM.png

My personal thoughts on this, would be that it was a hoax. Being that I'm unable to know that for any sort of certainty, I allow room for FF. When people say that they knew someone who died at one of these "events" I'm not going to call them a liar, because I don't have first hand knowledge of it. Unless they are showing signs of "dupers delight" or are laughing then switch into acting mode immediately before addressing the press(like the one S-Hook father).

Calling people liars without hard evidence is not going to help people free their minds, but rather usually will grant sympathy for the would be liar. This usually just disengages peoples critical thinking and replaces it with emotional feelings. Emotions are much easier to manipulate than logic and reason. This is why I attempt to remain open minded and non judgmental, in my attempt to free the shackled minds.

I'm still not sure what to think. So much of it is surreal. Student Samantha Grady who stated that she deterred (deflected) bullets with a tiny book has now had another interview in which she states she was hit in the chest with bullet fragments. Yet she was doing an interview the day after the shooting.

Here's that second interview:

Screen cap for proof in case it is removed-

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 8.37.15 PM.png

This link explains the connection between Samantha Grady and Helena Ramsay ( now showing that is likely her on the floor in the pic above). The tiny book that deters bullets story is also in this article.

In the CNN interview at the New Day link Samantha Grady states " I'm doing well, my injuries, err, I was shot twice. I was grazed in my back and a bullet ricocheted into my chest. Um, then there's fragments there and what not".

That interview is at the 7:05 mark in this lengthy segment on CNN gun control.

I also found something else very interesting on Samantha Grady. She added someone to the Troupe 4879 -Mobilizing MSD Club Facebook page on February 21, 2018. This means that she is involved with the drama club at the school also.

Here's that image and link:

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 8.53.22 PM.png

Thus, it looks like in order to make it into the mainstream media's antigun campaign the job requirement is 1) be a member of the schools drama club, 2) have prior acting, reporting or filming experience and 3) attend holocaust class.

Regular students who just do history and other subjects need not apply.

The person she added to the Drama Group is Steve Corin who is the brother of another media rolled out student Jaclyn Corin.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 9.14.14 PM.png

This is Jaclyn Corin on the Ellen Degeneres Show on February 23rd. She is on the left.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 9.16.54 PM.png

If they are on the Ellen show, do you need any more evidence that things are not what they seem?


This wasn’t the first school shooting or mass shooting this year let alone the last few years. It’s been increasing in frequency and deaths per shooting. This is something the whole country has been thinking about stopping for a long time. The fact everyone has been thinking about this for a while is probably why their thoughts about acting on it are so concise & “prepped” like you say. The main thing people are suggesting are bans on assault rifles and tighter regulations on being allowed to own a firearm.

You are correct sir. This is also not the first "event" that did not align with the official narrative. To be frank I don't recall a recent mass shooting(or even Bombing) that I believe went down the way that it was reported to have. Far to many fall on days/weeks that training scenarios were publicly announced then recanted. (Even during nine11 there was a massive war game scenarios where terrorist were hijacking planes to ram into building. This caused all the active duty military at the time to assume that the distress calls were part of the "war game." I let people come to their own conclusions, it just helps when we know the actual facts. Not just what the propaganda machine puts out.)

As concerning a ban on "assault rifles," this ban would be one on the "look" of a weapon and not the functionality of it. In relation to "tighter regulations on being allowed to own a firearm," at least in the US, the opposite seems to be more effective. Look at D.C. after banning all handguns from law abiding citizens, the violent crime and murder rate exponentially rose. On the contrary the state with the most lack gun laws Alaska has had no mass shootings, the few gun fatalities in that state are usually resulting from excessive alcohol consumption and not premeditation.

These mass shootings, if they are in fact happening as they say are always in "gun free zones." I don't recall any events occurring in open/concealed carry areas. It's always in places that guns are prohibited. If we truly wanted to be effective in gun control it's simple. A trained and armed populace, will prevent these events in the future, also violent crime would drop to near zero. But that is just my opinion based on logic, historically events, and human nature.

The truth is many people are afraid of firearms, because they know nothing about them. I would recommend everyone when presented with the opportunity, to experience firing one. They are merely a tool, albeit a very effective and deadly tool. They can kill and they can stop killers, it's all in the hands of the user. I'm just very uncomfortable with the "state" being the only one who is authorized to use them. It was an effective means in to prevent opposition in pre-WWII Germany. I'd rather not see that happen again.

Maybe you are more trusting of the media than I am. Have you heard about the White Helmets scam where the US media and Hollywood are promoting al-Qaeda in Syria as rescuers of little kids? Thus, I think it prevalent to ask serious questions whenever the MSM is pushing a coordinated well prepared propaganda campaign, particularly one that results in the US citizenry losing their ability to defend themselves from a nefarious government that has been deceiving them in relation to matters related to war, psychological operations, propaganda and censorship.

Please get yourself red-pilled and then once your aware that the media is not your friend we can have a serious discussion as to these matters and as to why a citizenry may want to stay armed in case its own government turns against them. Hence the reason the 2nd Amendment is in the US Constitution.

Lets hope it never comes to that, but that is what it is there for. Foreign agents, for example Israel's Mossad, could, hypothetically, infiltrate the US government and media and sow chaos, propaganda, deflection and wars. Cui bono?

Massive White Helmets Photo Cache Proves Hollywood Gave Oscar to Terrorist Group

Hollywood's elitists (read Zionists) have nominated al-Qaeda for a second Oscar at the Academy Awards on March 4, 2018 for the documentary "Last Men in Aleppo". Scott Pelly and the 60 Minutes gang can't get enough of defending these terrorists.

Now Playing on Dtube: Hollywood Caught Exploiting Eight Year Old Daughter of Terrorist in Syria For Women's Empowerment Movement at Oscars 2018 Ceremony