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RE: Reassessment of Students - Hopeful Actors, Reporters, FilmMakers Placed on Camera by Mainstream Media For Antigun Campaign Messages After Parkland Shooting Event

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Apparently, these kids have superpowers which enables them to heal completely in a matter of days after being hit by one of the most damaging rifles

Thanks, checking it out now. On edit: Its interesting that the Atlantic got a doctor to type an article about massive wounds caused by an AR-15, even hands being blown off in that regard, yet in this post I have compiled verifiable video evidence of Samantha Grady stating to CNN that she was hit in the chest and back by rounds, and yet she was giving CNN interviews within 24 hours and showed no sign of discomfort, pain or having suffered any type of wounding. She also previously stated that the book may have deterred bullet fragments, considering the high powered velocity and impact force of a bullet from an AR-15, I'm relatively certain she would know for sure whether the tiny book in her hands received was impacted by any incoming bullets. It would be interesting to see this tiny book. Excuse my sarcasm but, maybe The Atlantic should have their doctor look at this miracle survivor and her tiny book? It could save millions of lives in future wars if they figure out how the tiny book saved her. Heck, the US Army and Marines could do away with Kevlar vests and simply hold up tiny books when shot at at close range with high powered assault weapons.

Its notable also that The Atlantic's Vice Chairman David Bradley was involved in propaganda and war efforts in Syria and Libya according to his own Wikipedia page.


In 2014, Bradley personally led a team of volunteers trying to find five Americans kidnapped in the Syrian War: Jim Foley, Steven Sotloff, Peter Kassig, Kayla Mueller and Theo Curtis. In 2011, another team led by him had released Clare Gillis, a freelancer for The Atlantic, captured by soldiers loyal to Muammar Qaddafi.[9

So now we have an essentially foreign policy mag that loves US wars overseas chiming in to make sure Americans can no longer own guns. Seems a bit paradoxical and strange, to say the least. Especially since Samantha Grady is smiling and walking around a day after being shot at relatively close range with a round from an AR-15 while The Atlantic's doctor at the article link states large chunks are blown out of the human body by the AR-15 weapon.

Yes, you nailed it. And super interesting info on Bradley!