COVID CRACKDOWN 2.0: Targeting Thanksgiving, National Mask Mandate & the Coming Vaccine

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No matter what one thinks about the contested US presidential election results, one thing did immediately become quite clear, and that was the obvious coordination between the media declaration of Joe Biden as the winner and the renewed establishment push for a brand new set of nationwide COVID restrictions, mandatory masks and all.

What was Biden's very "first move as president elect?" To propose a "mask mandate for all" of course! And according to Fox News, this new mask mandate is going to be a "nationwide" mandate, but not a national mandate, enacted and enforced at the state and local levels, with the cooperation of all the Governors around the country of course, who are expected to obediently carry out the propositions of a man who has not yet been officially pronounced the next president, let alone taken office yet. No worries for those behind the technocratic Covid1984 agenda though, several Governors jumped to announce new statewide mask mandates, almost as if Biden was pulling their strings two months before taking office, almost as if the totalitarian COVID agenda is being steadily rolled out by a power structure operating behind the scenes, entirely irregardless of the political party or individual puppets selected to rule.

“We could save tens of thousands of lives if everyone would just wear a mask for the next few months. Not Democratic or Republican lives — American lives,” Biden said after meeting with members of a newly formed COVID-19 advisory board Monday.

We've heard this line before, but the widespread wearing of masks by millions for months now oddly hasn't helped slow the 'spread' of the 'virus' one bit, as new 'cases' just continues to surge, with the pandemic getting worse every every day if you believe the media hype. Despite the harms and lack of efficacy, apparently masks are now being sold to unify the country, which has of course been divided right down the middle by bad man Trump and not some orchestrated media effort of course.

“A mask is not a political statement, but it is a way to start pulling the country together,” Biden said. “The goal of mask-wearing is not to make you less comfortable, or take something away from you. It's to give something back to all of us, a normal life."

And so the programming continues, as the fearmongering is cranked back up to 10 ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. The only way to 'get back to normal' is to adhere to the 'new normal' that we've been repeatedly told is here to stay. But the propaganda isn't meant to make any logical sense, nor is it designed to stand up to scrutiny, but is simply intended to keep those who are already under the spell in a perpetual state of fear. It is clear to the rest of us that mask mandates obviously do 'take something away from you' - both your freedom and your humanity. And we shouldn't forget the real agenda behind mandatory masking of society, and the many long-term harms of engaging in this dehumanizing behavior, an agenda that hasn't changed, even as the packaging used to sell this insanity to the public undergoes many frequent changes.

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Showing himself and his team to be totally in the pockets of those engineering the Covid1984 technocratic revolution, Joe Biden also repeated the warnings of a coming 'dark winter' as he began to introduce his Coronavirus plan for the country, signalling that he is playing a key role in the Covid1984 psyop/agenda.

"There’s a need for bold action to fight this pandemic. We’re still facing a very dark winter," he said in remarks after meeting with his newly appointed coronavirus task force.

Not unlike the Governor dictators of the several states all jumping to use executive orders to implement Trump's 'nationwide' economic shutdown, which was also proposed at the federal level but enacted by the states and often local governments, the same effect can be seen with Biden's plan for national masking, but long before he even takes office.

The Republican Governor of Utah, almost as if getting an early memo from Biden's team, was among the first of states to impose a new mask mandate in coordination with Biden's new Coronavirus plan, making the announcement to Utah residents on Sunday, the day before the media-appointed President Elect called on Governors of the states to do just that. Nor was Utah alone in such action, with the Kentucky Governor issuing his own executive order to implement a new statewide mask mandate on November 4. Maine also joined Kentucky with an executive order strengthening face covering mandates also issued on November 4. Almost as if on Cue, states began issuing mandatory mask measures on Election Day, almost as if they were jumping to Biden's tune even before anybody could have known that Biden would 'win'. Massachusetts Governor similarly also issued a new order on November 2nd to mandate masks for everyone over five years of age at all times and in all places, both indoors and out, which went into effect on November 6.

But mask mandates are only the beginning of this new wave of tyranny, with many states also jumping to impose new lock-downs, also a product of propositions made by Biden's new Coronavirus task force team. But these lock-downs won't destroy the economy like Trump's evil shutdown did, because under Biden's plan for tyranny, we'll all just get paid to stay home and not work!

On Wednesday November 11, newly appointed "coronavirus advisor to President-elect Joe Biden," Dr. Michael Osterholm, called for a 4-6 week paid economic shutdown.

“We could pay for a package right now to cover all of the wages, lost wages for individual workers, for losses to small companies, to medium-sized companies or city, state, county governments. We could do all of that,” Osterholm said. “If we did that, then we could lock down for 4 to 6 weeks.”

By November 16, an NBC News headline is reporting that "New lockdowns and restrictions sweep across the country as Covid-19 cases continue to rise." At the very same time an AP headline proclaimed: "Governors ratchet up restrictions ahead of Thanksgiving".

From California to Pennsylvania, governors and mayors across the U.S. are ratcheting up COVID-19 restrictions amid the record-shattering resurgence of the virus that is all but certain to get worse because of holiday travel and family gatherings over Thanksgiving.

Leaders are closing businesses or curtailing hours and other operations, and they are ordering or imploring people to stay home and keep their distance from others to help stem a rising tide of infections that threatens to overwhelm the health care system.

Among the first states to impose such new restrictions were Washington, Oregon and California, which all jumped to issue new travel advisories on Friday the 13th, the Friday following the Great 2020 (S)Election show, ostensibly being implemented to "slow the spread of Coronavirus," where all previous guidelines failed. This time will be different, they assure us, the current list of proposed restrictions always promised to succeed where past restrictions failed. Because apparently if you repeat the same failed techniques over and over enough times, then the 'pandemic' will eventually be vanquished. Either that, or this whole COVID pandemic thing is nothing but a global scam being used to push through the Great Reset, Covid1984-syle. But of course the idea of a technocratic Great Reset now fully underway is just a crazy conspiracy theory, the NY Times informed us on the very same day the Economic Forum was celebrating it.

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At least the media has been showing itself to be the establishment joke of a propaganda machine that it truly is lately, but the tyranny still marches on, no matter how much credibility the mainstream media loses every single day. California took restrictions a few steps further than mere travel guidelines meant to deter people from going out of state, with Governor Gavin Newsom previously issuing severe statewide restrictions aimed at disrupting normal Thanksgiving celebrations. These restrictions are so absurd that they are laughable, and yet there are probably still some who will attempt to comply with this absurdity, although doubtlessly not most, despite the media's attempt to sell this nonsense to the California public.

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But California isn't alone in this coordinated assault on traditional Thanksgiving celebrations, which has much in common with the coordinated attack on Easter gatherings earlier this Spring towards the beginning of this scamdemic. Oregon Governor Kate Brown has issued an 'emergency' executive order restricting household gatherings to a total of six people earlier this month, and is now calling on neighbors to call the cops on anyone refusing to comply. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo also issued an executive order in an attempt to limit Thanksgiving dinners to a total of ten people per household, but is struggling to find any Sheriffs who are willing to enforce this tyrannical insanity.

California's Newsom has recently gone even further with his own Covid1984 restrictions, issuing a statewide 10pm curfew taking effect last Saturday. These lockdown measures are slated to stay in effect until December 21, unless conditions worsen, the very outcome being universally predicted for months now as a part of the coming, now arriving, 'Dark Winter'. Californians aren't having it, with many taking to the streets to protest over the weekend., and California Sheriffs' in multiple key counties refusing to enforce the unconstitutional madness. Having just recently found myself in California, I can personally attest to the steady stream of media propaganda being spewed from the TV in an attempt to convince residents to comply with the Thanksgiving restrictions and all the rest of the tyranny, but it seems all the programming in the world isn't enough to bring about the widespread compliance the petty dictator is calling for. In fact the measures may be backfiring, with a large campaign to recall the Governor now underway, the effort recently revived after Newsom was caught at a French diner violating his own mask mandate and social distancing guidelines. The hypocrisy of these puppet tyrants is endless...

The latest coordinated wave of Covid1984 restrictions targeting Thanksgiving is well summarized in a NY Times piece, entitled "C.D.C. Pleads With Americans to Stay Home on Thanksgiving."

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"Even as the White House downplays the Coronavirus threat, health officials warned against traditional gatherings with those from outside the immediate household," the subtitle reads.

Faced with a seemingly unstoppable surge in coronavirus infections, officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday urged Americans to avoid travel for Thanksgiving and to celebrate only with members of their immediate households — a message sharply at odds with a White House eager to downplay the threat.

Do what you're told, stay home, and don't visit friends, the 'authorities' say. You must 'do your part' to fight the invisible enemy, and treat everyone as a potential 'threat' to 'public safety', and stay home. Stay home and live in fear; this is the universal message for humanity.

“The safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year is at home with members of your household,” said Erin Sauber-Schatz, who leads the agency’s community intervention and critical population task force. She urged Americans to reassess plans for the coming week.

But of course since the peasants didn't obey their masters without questions, and some celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family like they always do, there will be a massive post-holiday surge which will certainly be sufficient to usher in the coming 'dark winter' we've all been warned of for months now. In fact, the 'experts' were warning about this post-Thanksgiving surge even before the holiday, apparently fully aware that the people weren't going to heed the new restrictions (or knowing the 'surge' was not dependent upon actual non-cooperation, but only media reporting widespread noncooperation)...

CNN headline from the 15th reads: "Physician predicts 'unprecedented surge' in US Covid-19 cases after Thanksgiving".

Coronavirus cases in the US will spike after Thanksgiving, further stressing health care systems and prompting new restrictions, an emergency physician said Saturday, as states continued to report soaring numbers of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

On Thanksgiving day ABC news reported that: "Potential COVID-19 surge after Thanksgiving could cause 'humanitarian crisis'".

As Americans prepare for what will likely be an untraditional Thanksgiving, health experts and state officials are pleading with the public to heed their warnings to not travel and to avoid large gatherings and the mixing of households, as the country tries to get ahold on what experts call an "uncontrolled" spread of the coronavirus.

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, this is the top Coronavirus television news, that the post-holiday surge is going to bad but not immediate. So go ahead and shop away on this consumerist 'holiday' aptly named Black Friday, and support the same corporate America backing the Covid1984 madness. The pandemic agenda will continue to be rolled out around this new post-holiday 'surge', until the next tweak in the story line arrives, while the story continues to stay the same. For now, the current post-holiday surge is so bad they've shut down local testing sites here in California.


Live in fear, stay home, trust the media, obey the government tyrants and dictators, stop being human and just do as you are being programmed to do, wear a mask, practice social distancing, get tested, and above all else prepare to be vaccinated.


Yes, the plan to vaccinate the world has also continued to march forward during this time, as at least two of the Operation Warp Speed vaccines near the point of approval and distribution to the public. Moderna announced early last week that its Coronavirus vaccine was 95% effective, closely following the similar announcement from Pfizer that early results from its clinical trials indicated its vaccine would be 90% effective. But as I have extensively documented in a two-part expose last month, vaccine harm is widespread among vaccines in general, and Operation Warp Speed is being rolled out as a nationwide clinical safety trial for these new under-tested Coronavirus vaccines, for it is publicly recognized they will not be proven safe before they are released to the public, however truly 'effective' they may be. Most recently AstraZeneca has announced that its Oxford-designed vaccine could be up to 90% effective.

This of course would make all of the first vaccines to become available in this country miraculously effective, far surpassing the 50-60% rates of efficacy anticipated by all of the 'experts'. And of course we should all just trust the pharmaceutical companies when they tell us their new vaccines are so highly effective, far more effective than the flu and other common vaccines that took years to properly develop. Must be a lucky break for these vaccine manufacturers, getting such a 'safe' and 'effective' vaccine on the first go around, in under ten months, all while using a brand new vaccine technology that's never even been used on humans before, shaving off a solid three to nine years from the typical vaccine manufacturing time frame. It should come as no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention that the media went wild pushing the vaccine propaganda following the announcements of this unprecedented rate of vaccine efficacy in such a rushed vaccine. Nor should it come as any surprise that Biden's top priority is nationwide distribution of the new vaccines.

Just two days ago The Washington Post reported, in a piece entitled "The Health 202: Team Biden can finally start preparing for the massive coronavirus vaccine effort," that: "President-elect Joe Biden's transition team is finally able to work toward its No. 1 task: smoothly and efficiently taking over the largest vaccine distribution program in U.S. history."

If Joe Biden does take office in January to become the next US President, his top priority will be the very same as Trump's top priority has been since the arrival of the so-called pandemic, and that is to push this vaccine on the entire American population. The puppets may change but the agenda remains exactly the same, and in this case the new puppet will accelerate the rollout of the Covid1984 technocracy. And at least as far as mandatory mask mandates go, the acceleration of this agenda has begun even before Biden officially assumes the role of the next puppet president of the US. This really isn't surprising either, considering Biden's previous comments on the issue.

"You can go to every governor and get them all in a room, all 50 of them, as president, and say 'ask people to wear the mask,'" Biden told George Stephanopoulos during an ABC News Town Hall in October.Then, following Biden's initial unveiling of his Coronavirus plan for the nation under his leadership, "Biden met virtually with the leadership of the National Governors Association, including five Republican governors, to discuss COVID-19 surges and what their states need to be able to control the pandemic," BuzzFeed News reported.


Biden said there was “consensus” among the bipartisan group on the way forward in dealing with COVID-19: that the federal government needs to be “delivering economic relief” to cities and states, securing federal funding for the National Guard and FEMA to help with relief efforts, getting people safe and free vaccines, improving access to testing, and instituting a nationwide mask-wearing mandate.

Several days before this virtual meeting even transpired, on November 14, the North Dakota Governor for the very first time issued a statewide executive order mandating masks. On the very same day, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice tightened the state's mask mandate to require that all people age nine and up wear face coverings at all times in indoor public spaces, except when in the act of eating or drinking at a restaurant, where residents had previously been 'allowed' to remove their masks anywhere they were able to practice 'social distancing'.

On November 18, The Kansas City Star reported that, "Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly is imposing a new statewide mask mandate...that will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. Nov. 25 — the day before Thanksgiving — as health leaders engage in a desperate effort to slow the rate of infection, which threatens to overwhelm the state’s health care system." The Kansas Governor "is also mounting a new public awareness campaign to promote mask use and other precautions." On the very same day, "Iowa’s Governor Went From Dismissing Mask Mandates to Ordering One Herself," as reported by the NY Times. And a Pennsylvania order tightening previous restrictions was also issued by the state Health Secretary Rachel Levine which mandated "universal face coverings" across the state.

Then on November 19th, the New Hampshire Governor "issued an executive order implementing a statewide mask mandate beginning Friday amid a new surge in coronavirus infections," The Hill reported. Like many of the recent restrictions across the country, the new indoor/outdoor mask mandate in the 'Live Free or Die' state was met with a public backlash including a push by Republican lawmakers to impeach the dictator.

In a November 23 executive order, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper also expanded the state's mask mandate which had been in effect since June, requiring all people over the age of five to wear a face covering in any indoor space where someone from another household is present, regardless of physical distancing, and outdoors if it is not possible to stay 6 feet from others, and in all K-12 schools including when exercising.

Clearly Joe Biden's plan for national masking has been met with eager compliance on the part of a number of state Governors, both Republican and Democrat, well before actually assuming the role of the next US President. This Covid1984 agenda will continue to be rolled out no matter who sits in office, and those pulling the strings quite clearly do not need the cooperation of the sitting US President to enact their agenda. If a puppet leader no longer serves the agenda, they are quickly removed and replaced with an obedient puppet. And in this case the newly appointed puppet president need not even assume his leadership role before the puppet dictators at the state level are jumping to take their orders from their new puppet leader. If nothing else, it should now be about as clear as it can get that the (s)elected politicians have little relevance in the big scheme of the agenda being rolled out under the guise of fighting the so-called pandemic. Those who are actually willing to stand up against this totalitarian technocratic takeover that's underway were never on the ballot in the first place, and like every (s)election in the past two decades before this one, the People's vote never counted for anything. The agenda was always going to continue marching steadily forward, a 'second wave' was always set to arrive this fall, and a chaotic election was always going to be used to usher in the coming 'dark winter'. It is all going exactly according to plan. Welcome to Covid1984, and expect the tyrannical measures to continue to increase and multiply.

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