Covid1984 Censorship Purge in Full Swing: TLAV, KMN Entire Channels Removed from YouTube in Latest Social Media Censorship Campaign

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In a matter of days, two prominent independent media outlets had their entire channels purged from YouTube, immediately following the announcement of a new YouTube censorship policy aimed at removing ‘anti-vaccine’ content or anyone questioning safety of the new experimental and yet to be approved ‘Covid19’ vaccines. As a part of the new censorship policy, YouTube also announced it had already begun and would continue to remove more and more “borderline” content, that is videos that don’t actually violate guidelines but challenge the covid establishment narrative or that say anything else the establishment technocrats or any of the folks among the Zionist-run censorship team over at YouTube just don’t like.

Ryan Cristian of The Last American Vagabond (@tlavagabond on the blockchain) along with Whitney Webb reported on this absurdity in an extremely info-packed and fact-based show, warning that this video and likely the entire channel would soon be removed from the corporate platform along with all other independent channels. Though already gone from YouTube, that video can now be viewed on BitChute:

Within a matter of days the entire main TLAV Channel with over a hundred thousand subscribers and ten years of work was removed WITHOUT EVEN A NOTICE OR COURTESY EMAIL, and no accumulation of three strikes as typically ‘necessitated’ by YouTubes own policy!


Listen to Ryan explain the story of his purge from YouTube on an interview with Jason Bermas below, while it is still available to view on YouTube. And subscribe to his ThreeSpeak channel if you haven’t already, as we need to support censored independent voices on alternative platforms now more than ever!


This is the height of censorship absurdity, in the ongoing war on free speech by the emerging Covid1984 technocracy and their totalitarian free speech police...


The virtual book burning is growing by the day, and the time to take a stand for truth is now.


Twitter is apparently playing its part in this latest crackdown on dissent against the establishment, not surprisingly, deleting Whitney Webb’s comments about the absurd and unwarranted YouTube censorship.


The purging of another one of the few prominent hard hitting independent voices remaining on the growing irrelevant platform, anti-Zionist Adam Green of Know More News, followed almost immediately, first taking down his backup channel:


And then immediately purging his main channel with over 135,000 subscribers as well:


Two more hard-hitting, truly independent anti-establishment voices consistently reporting FACTS the establishment doesn’t want to be talked about and asking important questions that the lamestream media isn’t willing or aren’t allowed to ask. Both have their libraries of work on their BitChute channels and other independent platforms, where they will both continue to regularly upload hard-hitting fact-based content the social engineers don’t want you to see, including livestreams on D-Live.

Houston-based Independent journalist and activist Derrick Broze is also at the same time currently de-platformed, on a two-week ban, and for all we know may also never make it back onto the platform - just another reason to get off YouTube and migrate to where the truth is at...


Meanwhile YouTube admits to having already deleted over 200,000 videos since the beginning of the so-called pandemic in this year alone in its crackdown against anyone questioning the official narrative and the medical ‘experts’ who often contradict themselves.

Not many weeks ago, prominent anti-vaccine activist and independent media host of The HighWire, Del BigTree, also had his entire HighWire YouTube channel removed. Over the summer, one of the most popular anti-establishment voices for freedom on YouTube that I’m aware of, Brian Young of @highimpactflix, had his main channel with over 300,000 subscribers purged from the platform - HighImpactVlogs, formerly his backup channel before his main HighImpactFlix channel was removed way before that. Many more independent voices have been removed or shadow-banned into oblivion long ago. Renowned conspiracy researcher David Icke with I think over a million subscribers had his channel taken down at the onset of this ‘pandemic’ censorship madness, before YouTube then began targeting anyone who dared interview him on their own channels.

They are now coming for the last of us, and it won’t be long until approved controlled opposition are the only ‘anti-establishment’ voices left on these social media platforms.

“Team YouTube” did eventually get back to Ryan, informing him that he could appeal his channel removal, just a bit too little too late I would say...


And the far-reaching Orwellian censorship isn’t restricted to just YouTube, but encompasses the whole Silicon Valley conglomerate of centralized social media, and even government officials are not exempt. Twitter recently censored a tweet by a long-time member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Scott Atlas, for allegedly violating the platform’s guidelines. The censored tweet can be seen below.


“The company’s spokesperson later confirmed to Newsweek that the post was deleted for providing misleading information on COVID-19 that could potentially harm others.”

Apparently it is now considered misleading and potentially harmful to others to share scientific evidence that masks are not effective, when in reality doing so would would create a safer environment where people aren’t exposing themselves to harmful pathogens because they falsely believe they are protected by a piece of cloth which actually increases their chance of infection. Among the sources cited by the doctor were the CDC and the WHO, the very same authorities we are told we must rely upon for accurate information. The censorship madness is out of control!

Facebook has throughout the duration of the so-called pandemic been incessantly censoring and fact-checking anyone who posts facts and science that challenge the official Covid1984 narrative. Off Guardian shares one recent example of this in an article by Kit Knightly entitled, Facebook labels 2+2=4 “misinformation” | Social media giant’s “fact-checkers” are selling falsehoods and re-writing history

On the 5th of October, the WHO’s Dr Michale Ryan claimed “about 10%” of the global population had been infected with Sars-Cov-2. With an alleged death toll of roughly 1 million, that puts the infection-fatality ratio at roughly 0.14%.

He said it, we reported it. The maths is not disputable. And yet Facebook has flagged it as “misinformation”:


On October 7, the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post published a hit piece attacking anyone questioning the official Covid1984 narrative or resisting the Orwellian agenda, specifically targeting the growing ‘anti-vaccine’ movement. On October 14, prominent billionaire vaccine pusher Bill Gates publicly lamented widespread “conspiracy theories” that “undermine” the Orwellian Covid1984 agenda, including widespread mask wearing and vaccine uptake.

“Gates’ interview aired one day after Facebook announced it was implementing a new global policy that bans any advertisements that seek to discourage people from receiving vaccinations.”

On the very same day of Gates’ interview, YouTube announced its new guidelines aimed at censoring any anti-vaccine content deemed to be ‘misinformation’ that undermines the coming ‘Covid19’ vaccine, followed the very next day by the announcement on October 15 of a second guideline update aimed at censoring “conspiracy content.”

Also on October 15, Jeff Bezos’ personal online empire, Amazon, banned a well-sourced book exposing the Orwellian agenda driving the ‘Covid19’ response - entitled COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled. On October 19, The Last American Vagabond channel was purged from YouTube, and on October 20 the tech giant did the same to both Know More News channels.

The social engineers speak, and the technocracy responds. Indeed, they are but aspects of the same Covid1984 establishment.

The writing is on the wall, and it is time for the entire network of independent voices to migrate away from these irrelevant corporate establishment echo chambers and firmly establish themselves on the competing alternative channels. This isn’t the first such social media purge, but it does seem to be the final beginning of the end of independent media presence on these controlled social media platforms. The censorship will only get worse, as YouTube announced it would be adding new guidelines in the near future, and the technocrats are getting desperate to maintain control of the crumbling covid narrative.

On the bright side, such desperate censorship measures scream that the establishment is losing control of the narrative and losing the covid information war. The technocracy is losing its grips on the minds of the people, and all it can do is continue to ramp up its desperate censorship and propaganda campaigns. Corporate social media is becoming as irrelevant as corporate mainstream media, and it’s time We The People make that fact known to them. It’s time to boycott YouTube and the entire emerging totalitarian technocracy along with it.


Starve the beast, and start feeding the emerging world of censorship-resistant alternative media platforms which are creating an environment for the advancement of free speech and truth. It’s time to starve the beast, and feed the truth.

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