Dtube is not stable enough for me yet. Most of the time it won't let me post or offer to try again

Yeah I really wish DTube would get it together. Most of the time videos won't play. Hell, this video won't play for me right now, so I'm watching it over on YouTube. I wish it was otherwise, but the facts are the facts. DTube can't stream video yet. And the uploads usually don't work for most users. Almost nobody who uses it says that it works properly for them on a regular basis. :(

Support and demand from the steemit community will promote faster growth of DTube.

Also, putting up with crap from large corporations because their product is currently more convenient seems unacceptable to me.

We’re not talking less convenient here, we’re talking it barely works.

dtube and steemit need to fund some anti-censorship programmers to help the IPFS/ IPNS coding team. all the issues on this platform stem from not enough IPFS servers and little glitchy issues where certain times of the day when demand is high and a video doesn't have as much interest it goes super slow and in bursts.

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