HISTORIC Week For Crypto! - The WAR Against Central Banks Has JUST BEGUN!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the massive move we have seen into cryptocurrencies in the last week as resistance is broken and Bitcoin breaks above 61k to nearly 65k.
As Bitcoin hits all time highs, countless other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are hitting all time highs as well.
All the while, Coinbase has gone public on the NASDAQ.
As governments push forward a centrally planned cashless society with social credit scores, millions of people appear to be looking to Monero as a hedge against surveillance.
This is a monetary evolution of sorts and people mustn't mistake a decentralized cashless alternative for a centrally planned cashless society.
In this video, we explain the latest news, the new SEC boss and small cap picks like EddaSwap and TrustSwap as well as the continued attack on sites like LBRY.

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