The END Of The Dollar & The RISE Of Gold! - MASSIVE Inflation Leads To New Interest In Gold

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Josh Sigurdson talks again with Rana Vig, founder of Blue Lagoon Resources about the rise of gold against inflation and the vast amount of currency being printed worldwide.

As central banks destroy their currencies and along with it, the price of living, millions of people are looking to gold as a hedge against the collapsing fiat currencies of the world.
Rana Vig explains the fascination with gold, silver and the opportunities that may come with both using gold as wealth insurance as well as an investment.

All the while, many are concerned that the centrally planned cashless society will take over whether we like it or not. The future will be digital. So how does gold hold up against a cashless system? Can it be considered an important form of security against a world where everything is tracked?

Finally, Mr. Vig goes into the latest projects at Blue Lagoon Resources, especially their Dome Mountain project which is turning a lot of heads. The forward potential of Blue Lagoon Resources is pretty exciting.

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