The TRUTH About Nuclear Power! - CLEAN Or Dangerous? - MASSIVE Monetary Revolution Is Happening!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Scott Melbye of Uranium Royalty Corp about the many potential misconceptions regarding nuclear energy, from Fukushima to Chernobyl and beyond.

As millions of people move towards investing in the uranium industry, now is a great time to dig into this incredibly interesting subject matter considering the massive divide between people from all political backgrounds when it comes to the issue of nuclear energy.

Mr. Melbye says there are a lot of misconceptions and that not only is nuclear energy a great clean way to allow the market to replace oil without pulling the rug from under the oil industry, but also, people and animals alike are thriving in former "nuclear fallout" areas like Fukushima. As he mentions, no one died from the nuclear plant meltdown. People died as a result of the tragic earthquake and tsunami.

In this video, we break down these misconceptions, talk about the monetary revolution happening in the uranium industry and also, the potential for corporations like Uranium Royalty Corp!

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Hi Josh,
Excellent journalism as ever - thank you! Check out Noise Cash to post your pics and news - they are new and need quality content like yours! - Find me there and say hi!

Keep well =D

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