BCP - Trump Ordered to Testify??? Air Force Leaks Truth, but Biden Regime Tries to Cover It Up

in #news2 months ago

Good news in this report. Iowa State House seat flips to GOP....don't know if the winner is a RINO or not, but at least it's not a known Commie Democrat in the seat.

My mother protested the county school system where I went to school in 1970s. It literally shut down schools at all levels for a week. The parents not only raised hell at school board meetings, but they also had picket lines at the schools....people were really pissed off over inappropriate content (for certain grades) in school books and also being taught in classroom. At the time, the State we lived in was under total Democrat Party control....however at no time did the FBI or DOJ get involved in this confrontation between parents and the school board. Everything was handled at State and local level. This just demonstrates how much the Feds have overstepped their role in our form of government. This is total tyranny and cronyism (AG Garland's son-in-law is executive in company at producing CRT course material) at work.

Of course Biden and his puppeteers are trying to cover up this Air Force leak....just like they are covering up COVID vaxx injuries / deaths, alternative cheap COVID cures, economic employment numbers (new hires lower than expected # minus all the people being fired for refusing COVID jab...they forgot to subtract this part), inflation problems (they might just be stupid on this one), true status of Biden's cognitive ability, and more.

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