Staying More Up-to-Date in Less Time - Very Useful Sites!

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You like to stay up to date on things you love, news or Crypto, but there's too much to read and it's exhausting, what if you could read all the headlines in one place? Today I want to present you three great sites for those who want to stay updated in real time, not only in Crypto but in a variety of subjects.

These sites will show you the headlines from all around the web (you can focus on one specific topic). Clicking on a title will bring you to the full article. The first site includes a variety of topics including Crypto, the others two sites are designed only for Crypto.

News Now

For example, a very specific focus: Business&Finance->Cryptocurrencies->Bitcoin-> Top Stories (You can clearly see the selection from the URL itself)

The following sites are intended only for Crypto

Crypto Panic
Registered users have additional options such bot automation, Votes etc

Many Know this site in the Crypto Community, I've also written a post on it last month but seems worth mentioning, in case you haven't heard about.

That's it for today, I hope these sites will help you to stay more up to date in less time.
Great Week for all,

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