NEWs-toDAY: Fatiqued? Transmute your Parallel Timelines

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Feeling worn down and fatigued?

This easy exercise will re-energise you and clear up mental chatter.

Run a scan through the thoughts you have been dwelling on over the past few days. Is there a reoccurring theme that brings about worry, tension, anger, guilt, shame or sadness?

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Let's say you keep replaying a scene where someone made you really angry. Because of the repeated attention you are giving the past memory, this event is now playing out on a parallel timeline.

Every time you recall the scene, you are leaking energy out of your biofield to the parallel timeline.

To recover the energy you need to collapse the parallel timeline in three easy steps:

1: Become still, envision an energy cord from the base of your spine going down into the soil, this is your grounding cord.

2: Feel the emotions in as much intensity as possible. Do not make up new concepts about the memory or try to resolve it mentally. The idea is to sit with the emotions, let it run through your body.

3: Now let the emotions run down your grounding cord into the earth while you say 3 times: "I clear and transmute these emotions across all dimensions, time, space and reality".

Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

Let the alchemy begin! And please drop a comment letting me know how it went for you.

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