Abby Martin & Lee Camp on The Plot To Bring Down Venezuela [VIDEO]

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If you're awake at all, then you've seen the crazy propaganda being spewed about Venezuela. While our government and military apparatus actively work to create a neo-liberal/ neo-con coup to collapse the country, you practically never hear the other side of the story. Does anyone find it odd when the corporate media, the corporate democrats, the GOP, and the Trump administration all agree on something?

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The Economic Hitman . Also Oliver lost my respect a loooong time ago

I was in Venezuela and Maduro is not Chavez, Maduro is a puppet of the cuban communist partei, Maduro studied in Cuba in the PCC school (Partido Comunista de Cuba) in the 80s ... I know because my father was a professor from him there. It is true that there is a economic war between the 2 powers, the economical and the political but to say that Maduro won without manipulation is a lie ... Maduro is a dictator, people do not want him in the power ... the big problem in Venezuela is that there is no a good candidate form any part ... Maduro do not want to give the power back and to give to the others is go back to the 80s there ... but I repeat, to say that Maduro was elected without manipulation is to negate reality ... all the people in the government in venezuela ar rich (the so call communist)

And if you want to talk about the mistakes made by the "venezuelian revolution" just tell me, I saw in first hand ... also the good things (few of them who were very bad applicated)

Pd: upped for vissibility ...

Ppd: looks like she have never really live in a "wannabe" communist country so she can not see the mistakes done there as usual ... just what she think is "just and fair" from her point of view ...

Excellent interview, @leecamp. I have posted text on Venezuela last week…

…and your interview with Abby Martin completely confirms my fears.

Nice post, but isn't the topic a tad too dark for the 'funny' tag?

Caustic humour is still 'funny' ;)

Funny they all agree to term the drug war refugees being deracinated to our border as illegal immigrants.

Why is Abby not on Steemit yet Lee? You need to tell her to post her artwork and old episodes of Breaking the Set and Empire Files. I think Steemit would love it!

Abby is the best, this is an important story that you never hear the truth about so thanks for sharing Lee

What’s up with the funny Tag? Anyway good reporting 👍

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