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There are many stories about black-eyed people, beings who roam the woods and call people at night, mimicking the sound of running water or the cry of a wild animal. One particular man goes from one radio station to another telling the same story.

He used to go deer hunting, and sometimes camped in a fairly remote area, where he woke up in the middle of the night as something scratched his tent. He thought it was a raccoon or fox until this thing pressed his face against the shop door and was able to distinguish the shapes of a human nose and mouth.

He kicked and that thing recoiled, but when he opened the tent wielding his gun, he was already gone. He made two warning shots and when the sound dissipated he heard a "creck" behind his back. It was a man who was right on the edge of his camp.

This being didn't wear any clothes, but he didn't seem to have human skin either. According to the description of this hunter, the man was covered by a cloak of human flesh and hairs. It was as if someone had gathered dead animals on the roads and shaped the shape of a man.

His face was crowded and vaguely resembled a person's factions. The thing opened its twisted mouth and from there came a sound identical to that of the shots the hunter had just made. He did so twice before mimicking the sound of the tent's closing and then getting lost in the dark.


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