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RE: Life inside China during the CoViD-19 Virus Outbreak

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hey this is great information its a shame this is happening however I do feel this virus is man made. I believe there a cure to all illness I do not trust any government at all. if this spreads unfortunately lots of people will die and to make matters worse it could start an economic crash for the world my prayers are with those who are suffering right now peace and love


The problem is that the 'man-made' hypothesis is worryingly believable... because it's China. However, we have no evidence of this, short of flawed conspiracy speculation so far, and research into the virus shows it to be far more randomly thrown together and chaotic than humans would be capable of replicating. I do need to spend some time looking into that research myself though.

I somewhat hope for a Chinese economic crash really. They need to be humbled enough that they might actually sit back and for once, listen to their people

I totally agree with you