This is a massive fear for 5G for rural areas if it didn't come...

in #news3 years ago

I think a lot of people in rural areas of america should be afraid if 5G didn't make it to rural areas in America, and especially in my home state of Louisiana and my home parish of Natchitoches Parish. What usually happens is simple as what happened to 4G LTE a few years ago... it started in cities that are massive in population and they are the test dummies and if worked out they will bring to medium sized towns and then small towns plus finally rural areas. People in these areas had to wait some time for these thing and the hype that is taking place for 5G is causing problems for potential costumers due to it. The hype to this day is unreal but also it was also the same way with 4G LTE but, it hasn't been the same way. 5G would have bigger bandwidth, enough space not to throttle or depriortize data or slow it down as Verizon started with their 5G home service... $50 for Verizon costumers but $70 for non costumers is good but people in rural areas like where I live waited for cable, then DSL, and Broadband and the only thing left is Satellite Internet/TV and wireless broadband... If the American people or even Congress would have called out AT&T, Comcast and others for not trying at all... I am not surprised at all because of what is basically legal bribery on them because now this is all rural areas have and they shouldn't. I would love to have Fiber Internet on my abode but, here is the issue, I have to pay what is a sum of $1,000,000 to hook up the service to not just myself but the entire rural populace of where I live, I waited for Fiber to the home and guess what? Congress was absolutely lazy... all the maps that have been written are complete garbage... So, the sad part that I am realizing as I type that 5G may come much, much later and I have to wait on Elon Musk for SpaceX to do something or else a new service in this state to solve this, and at the is really what is assed up from this.

I don't know that moving to a bigger city would solve things but I have to have a reason to leave this rural abode and this isn't that reason nor if anything would even solve rural broadband in my Louisiana home.... but yeah.