World Surf League Commits to Equal Pay for Female SurferssteemCreated with Sketch.

in #news3 years ago

This is a significant development for major sports. Like other sports surfing has been male-dominated. Most news concerns the top male surfers. The male contest winners earn more in prizes. And those are even though there are strong women competing as well.

With the landowner of one major event in the U.S. requiring equal pay and with surfing set to hit the Olympics soon, a major governing body, the World Surf League, decided to commit to equal prize money for male and female surfers.

This is a groundbreaking decision for a major sport, because we know that female basketball players and such do not make nearly the same. Mahalo to surfing.


~The surf girl photo is public domain~


The real question how could they be not equal? What makes difference on the board they cannot even understand if surfing person is man or woman.

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