Protests In Chemnitz Germany Prove That The Media Is the Enemy Of The People

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We Are The People (We Are The Volk)


A massive grassroots movement in Chemnitz, Germany to stop the rape and murder of indigenous European people by third world invaders has the liberal establishment panicking. From Breitbart to Vox, all of the establishment media claim anti-multiracial protestors are, "Nazis" when in fact, they are normal, everyday people who are sick of being abused. A nation can only take so much abuse before fighting back. The leaders of Europe have flooded their own nations with hostile foreign invaders who routinely assault the mothers, sisters, brothers, daughters, and fathers whom they were elected to protect. These traitors had one job. Instead of building up their volk, they have been working to replace their own kind with the likes of third world hordes who hate Whites, who rape, torture, and murder the indigenous people of western civilization. Now the Volk are revolting, and the overwhelmingly jewish run media are filled to their beady eyes with fear.

Everyone understands who is responsible for this sinister betrayal of the people of the West. Honest forthright people will proclaim who is responsible openly. Dishonest people will avoid talking about what is happening, and lie by omission because of the mind-warping they have received their entire life is too powerful to overcome. Evil people, however, will lie about who is pushing the attack on Whites worldwide because they are the people responsible for this planetary White genocide. Evil people want the demographic replacement of Whites to accelerate. The media and political powers who have crafted laws to allow such a betrayal are directly responsible. Unlike the majority of Whites, Semitic people are keenly aware of a racial struggle between the west and Semitic culture that is thousands of years old. This is the long game that is revenge for Israel's destruction by the Roman Empire.

Look at this clip. Normal everyday German citizens call out a lying reporter for her bias in reporting what the protests are all about.

She admits at 1:44 that she is there to frame these Germans up as "Nazis". Anytime Whites come out to promote their interests we are always labeled Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Far Right etc. This is a really basic point to make, but why is it only White nations that are expected to allow millions of non-Whites to flood our nations. The press does not do this to any non-White nation. In fact, we see the opposite. Look at how White South Africans are treated by the media. The Afrikaners are expected to give up the land they made usable 400 years ago long before any Africans were in that region. Why? Because fake news says Africa is for the Africans. Then, why isn't Europe for the Europeans?


The eastern Germans are standing up to Merkel. Good stuff!

I like your content so much it's very intense and interesting

I like your content
So much it's very intense
And interesting

                 - lenydlrp

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I cannot believe that reporter had the balls to tell those people to their faces that she was there to try and make them all out to be Nazis. People like her are the reason Europe is turning into a dump. So sad.

The fire rises!

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