James Woods - Banned From Twitter?

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First, he gets beat with a baseball bat by Joe Pesci in Casino, now James Woods has been banned by Twitter for posting the following Meme...


So basically, Mr. Woods was suspended because a bunch of beta-Male uber-liberals (Fascists) who don't identify as women might actually take a joke seriously and not vote. First of all, I'm guessing James Woods doesn't have a lot of liberal followers given his outspoken support for Trump. Second, anyone stupid enough to not vote due to a James Woods' tweet shouldn't be allowed to vote in the first place until they get their head examined. Third, big tech is just inviting the strong arm of government to step in and force regulation upon themselves.

In the "Land of the Free" there is no longer tolerance for views that differ from the mainstream. We are headed for truly troubling times...




Following this closely — what a farce!!!

Next come the sex-misconduct allegations from when he was an extra on his first film gig!

Just appalling. I hope this helps to finally wake up some of the zombie-zealots out there.


I sat next to James Woods in a poker tournament once for about 5 hours...interesting dude...he's way out there, but "come on man" its a joke for crying out loud!

I’m no fanboy at all, but what Twitter has done is shameful and forbodes more bad mojo.

I support freedom of speech, and hope misguided bans like this accelerate the people's movement to decentralized solutions!

I wasn't familiar with James Woods before these posts, I strongly disagree with Twitter's banning/shadow-banning of people who say "controversial" things.

The thoughts worth expressing are the ones you've come up with in your own unique mind, from your own experiences-- and the way you test those ideas is to articulate them and put them out into the world. Maybe you discover you were wrong, maybe you are corrected, but that's how you make progress! It's important for people to be comfortable taking the risk of being wrong, otherwise we silence all new or oppositional ideas and suffer a dull stagnation that destroys the spirit of individuals.

Open conversation is never a bad thing...suppression of ideas and communication will only lead to tyranny

This is really becoming a slippery slope. Essentially posting a meme is now considered as 'misleading that could have an effect on an election'. The more I think about it, the more disturbing that is. Who knows where we will be in 5 years time...

I follow James Wood, not because I agree with him on everything, but because he is very outspoken and against this style of liberal fascism. Liberals and conservatives use to be able to disagree but still respect each other and even joke. Now, everyone must 'fight' and 'silence' the 'enemy' so they don't spread their 'hatred'.

This is the reason I fully support decentralized systems like Steem so it may (hopefully) replace some of these social media giants that practice this kind of censorship and return 'power' to the people.

Go Steem Go!!

Banned by... The "Spreading Democracy" Crowd.


@matthewwarn, you just got hammered!

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Wait, so an old person was banned from twitter for forwarding on a fake picture that confirmed their political beliefs? Fuck, I wish they'd start doing that on Facebook. Aunt Kay, I'm looking at you!

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Basically, Mr. Woods does not care that much because with 3 emmys he is not an influencer in this year's voting.

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