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RE: Mainstream media continues to distract while French police make their own list of demands 🇫🇷

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Interesting. The police have had enough of being the politician's puppets, but they'll carry on if offered enough money?
Just a thought that came to mind there.


Historically, police always do this. Beating people is fine, so long as there is payment.

Seems like everybody has a price...

Good point, @minismallholding, everybody has a price indeed... Maybe you'll appreciate the following video by Black Pilled YouTube channel - What is Your Price? - I thought it was pretty powerful myself, and seeing your comments I felt compelled to share it...

That was right on point. The comments section was an interesting read too. Makes you realise that nothing is really being done because nobody really knows who the enemy is. How do you attack an enemy if you don't know who they are? Instead everyone starts attacking one another because they are available to attack and don't believe the same as you.

All feels a bit planned really doesn't it.

Or if not it will be played to advantage.

This is a very good point! Looking at it like that we can see how they are not much better than the politicians.

Money and power. We all have a price, I guess.