Octopus-Starfish came down from the sky!

in #news3 years ago

A strange incident occurred recently in the coastal town of Kingwood, China. Octopus has come down from the sky! Residents of the city posted on social media, some photos of the 'Sea Food' showers from the sky. In addition to octopus, fish, starfish etc.

Various international press reports that these marine creatures descended from the sky after a storm in the Kingwood. The speed of this storm was 78 miles per hour. The rain starts with strong winds. Many windows of the house collapsed. The lamppost is uprooted. Many cars are damaged.

Meteorologists believe that the origin of this is from the Yellow Sea. In fact, they created a watercolor in the sea, and from that, the disaster was born. The marine creatures went up into the sky with the help of water pumps, and they came down to the ground with rain.

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