The tourists have to enter the village to cut the ticket

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Island between the sea. A village on that island. There is the number of people counted in hand But there is no shortage of green. Wherever you look, it's just green and green. Greenhouse's domination is so much that the house was not even discounted. The walls of the abandoned house, the windows, the roof are now green and green.
According to the NDTV news, China's Sharingan is an island. There are a total of 400 villages in the islands. One of these is Hautowan. The village was declared abandoned in the 1990s. Since then the people of the village gradually left the village. Residents had left the mainland for the better living conditions. Now there are a whole lot of people living there. But after the departure of the people, nature gradually spreads the kingdom in the village.
According to the BBC report, a photojournalist from the AFP news agency recently visited a small village, a photojournalist. The image of his village has become a symbol of the green beauty of the village. Earlier in this village, there were two or three fishermen. There were 500 houses there. Now all the houses and roads in the village have taken green plants.
The Daily Mail reported that the abandoned village in 2015 was newly discovered. In some pictures taken at that time, the beauty of the village is captured by the people of the world. Now the village has become a tourist attraction. And for some of the tourists, there were some people residing there again. Tourists have to enter the village now!
The location of the village is just 140 kilometers away from Shanghai. If you can not buy anything except water bottles here! This is the arrangement for tourists.

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