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RE: Uber/Lyft Destroy NYC Taxi Cartel In Under 5 Years; Drivers Still Losing

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London Uber drivers won their legal case against Uber, the Uber final court appeal is late Sept 2018 they will lose again and have to pay $20,000+ to each London driver for hols pay, backpay 8% interest etc.

Uber lost their London licence several months ago but still operate as another appeal to Transport For London heard soon.

Judge in London said UK Uber former manager Jo Betram "methinks you protest to much".

Other Judges calling Uber liars, crooks.... Uber execs pull an IT switch in Holland when the authorities want to inspect their records after rape and criminal allegations against Uber drivers.

Uber crashing all over London and causing passengers and the public life changing injuries.

Ex UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Conservative ex Chancellor George Osborne allegedely under investigation for treating Uber "favorably".

40,000+ Uber Toyota Prius car now clogging up the streets of London causing huge pollution and traffic jams, 7 miles per hour is now the average speed in central London.

Blockchain and Steemit will soon be used to destroy Uber and new blockchain companies run on Steemit etc will shortly be owned by the drivers and passengers.


Great reply, Was going to say the same thing!
London has become ridiculous, whilst at the same time small taxi firms are losing out! (Not bothered about black cabs)
Currently in Quito Ecuador, Uber has only been here for two months, and the yellow cabs are suffering already. Once they go, the Uber price will soar.

This information is right

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