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Welcome To Your Genetically Modified Dream Home…

Many people now understand the probable health risks of eating foods that have been tampered with by the process of genetic modification… While it is a global problem of near catastrophic proportions, and one which I feel passionately about, it really is simply the tip of an iceberg the size of Antarctica… The trillion dollar industrialized food machine finds new ways every single day to slip a fast one past our radar, constantly introducing new and untested products and procedures which could have lasting destructive attributes… While I don’t have comprehensive knowledge, every time I dig a little deeper I am shocked and horrified…

This article assumes that you have a basic grasp of the biotech crisis, beginning with subsidized factory farming, and ending with cancer wards loaded to full capacity… Because GMO corn and soy are so cheap to produce, the commodity being set by our corporate government, the raw materials are broken down and made into all kinds of things… The biotech industry is being inserted into every aspect of life, and not only was the research into its safety shabby, but no consent was given by the populations of the world to carry this out…

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Some examples of modified infiltration are transgenic starches being turned into drywall for construction… Trees are being modified to produce paper, which is ludicrous considering that hemp outperforms even normal trees, and has for years… Ink is another product that comes from GMO derivatives, and BT cotton is grown worldwide for the clothing industry…

So it is fact and not far-fetched fiction, to say that now you can purchase your GMO dream home! You will pay for it with modified money that you carry around in the pockets of your transgenic trousers… And it's safe to suggest that just because we are learning about this now, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been happening for the past ten or fifteen years… Seems like nowhere is safe from this all-pervading technology… Such realizations are enough to make me want to go live in a cave!

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This isn’t paranoia, it is a reckoning… It feels the same as when I began thinking about those little vitamin gelcaps, and wondered what they were made of… I started poking around, asking people I considered more knowledgeable than myself… I soon discovered that yes, farm animals are force-fed GMO corn, and the gelcaps are made from factory cows… True, some gelcaps can be made from corn-based products, but oops! Those are modified as well…

Only a year later have I begun to observe the words, ‘Modified Corn Starch’ on the labels of bottle of supplements, usually the ones produced by the larger corporations… And the EPA and FDA do not require any accountability whatsoever, because things like this are NOT considered food products… Are you angry yet? Keep reading! Keep listening!

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That BT cotton I mentioned has been a source of death and destruction in India… First, hundreds of thousands of farmers had crop failures and chose to commit suicide rather than lose their family’s land to creditors… Also, their livestock would eat the BT cotton vegetation and fall over dead! This became such a problem that there are now restrictions on how close animals are allowed to approach the fields…

BT means bacillus thuringiensis, a naturally occurring bacteria that kills insects… Monsanto and other biotech corporations inserted this BT gene into their cotton and other seed crops, which is effective in killing pests that try to consume it while it grows… This is why the livestock fell over dead, and it’s also why I have a strong desire NOT to wear clothing made from it… Not only would that put money into the industry that produces, thus perpetuating the problem, but human skin is an organ, one that absorbs from everything it interacts with… I don’t want to wear a chemical that causes the stomachs of bugs that eat it to explode… Um, did I mention that they make a BT soy as well? YIKES!

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GMO trees aren’t talked about very much… Everyone I know is just worried about keeping healthy food on the table, and getting their kids off of modified candy and other snack food… But GMO trees are a problem because in essence they transform a forest into a desert, and they do that in just a few generations of trees… A paper company can purchase or even LEASE a parcel of woodland, and just by injecting some genetic cocktail into the trunk, create a modification that has never existed before in nature… Usually the modification is to make it grow REALLY FAST, or without whatever chemical that the paper producers find tedious to their production…

I don’t even have the time or energy to research and report on the risks to human health and safety, but desertification is not the future I want to see happen to the world… Also, one genetic trait in R&D at biotech labs is aluminum-resistant seed technology, which hopes to combat the heavy metals now being found in soil around the world… This alone has staggering implications, for that would mean NO TREES CAN GROW EXCEPT THE ENGINEERED ONES!

So how about the harmless and unobserved things that we frequently come into contact with? One clear example of this is the adhesive applied to every single toilet paper roll! I am now grossed out each time I pull out a new one, not by the act of defecating, but by the prospect of putting a modified product on my bottom… My temporary solution for this is to unwrap several layers to make certain my butt never contacts any GMO’s…


Totally serious here! Yes, I try to use it for something else and not simply waste the toilet paper, but this is important to me… Paper towels also have this corn-based adhesive… Unregulated and everywhere, the gummy transgenic crap holds plastic wrappers together, gets licked on mailing envelopes, and even keeps certified organic labels stuck to their cans!

We need to call it out, because our GMO culture is out of control… My own personal suspicion is that when the rest of the world discovers how truly sinister these products are, and how widespread they have become, that the North American continent will be quarantined… All it would take is having the other countries of earth to mutually decide that no commerce comes or goes to or from America or Canada… Worst case would be if people are quarantined as well, having been polluted by consumption as well as contact… Yes, this last idea of North America under a global quarantine is purely hypothesis, but if I am capable of thinking of it, I cannot be the only person…

We need to all begin addressing these issues before anything like this ever began to occur… Dialogue and discussion can help us create innovative solutions… It is obvious that the trillion dollar global food industry is only interested in making more dollars, NOT in helping global starvation or even growing food in sustainable ways… So let us all look very closely at the world around us, and take drastic measures to end this biotechnological crisis… Unless you WANT to go live in your very own GMO Dream Home… I promise you, it will be a short, fat life…

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This article was written by Craig 'CMOR' Morrison, 2013... CMOR is the founder of the organization Artists Against Monsanto, as well as the creator of The Eatles parody activism project... He has given the world many lulz... He hopes to see a future where organic veggies become the global currency...

Please resteem this so we can save the food supply!


This is one of the reasons I'm starting a microgreen farm! We need more people growing organic, local food.

I did a comic about that, LOL!
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I love micro greens! Easy to grow and jam-packed full of nutrients!

#health #fitness Monsanto?s Secret Is Out: Glyphosate Is In Your Food!
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And so the USDA simply raises the PPM limit for Glyphosate! Preposterous...
I heard they have even gutted organic food standards, but am too afraid to look into it...
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(this piece is for sale in my etsy shop, but I will accept SBD and power up to save our food supply...)

Monsanto is out to corner and corrupt the food market.

This post is so relevant. What a great way to spread awareness through the beauty of art. Hope this reaches many more screens and sinks into brains so we can start occupying our gardens again. Resteemed to aid you on that quest.

Tortuga!!! Thanks for the love, brother... I agree... One focus for 2018 needs to be WHOLE FOOLS MARKET... In 2013 they promised to label all GMOs in their stores by 2018... Pretty sure they failed to keep that promise... We need campaigns of picketers, boycotts, media outreach, and even a class action suit... I don't know how all that gets accomplished, but the need exists...

You're providing a great start. The first step is awareness and then what's known as a tweezer effect where pressure is applied from below through grass root movements and from above by government and regulatory bodies. To some extent we've managed to stand up to Monsanto. GM mustard was set up to become the first GMO food crop here and was met with vehement opposition. It's still restricted to trials and anti trust regulatory bodies have fined Monsanto upwards of 200000$ for refusing to answer questions on whether they're abusing their power as the largest supplier of GM cotton. There is hope, and I'm sure all the stuff you put out there is making cosmic reverberations that will eventually make an impact. Keep being awesome!

You bring up great points... I suspect the mustard seed debacle made them change their tactics with other crops, later on... Most Americans don't even realize that our wheat is fucked, contaminated, tainted, whatever word you wanna use... Discovered in 2013 by a farmer in the northwest, the USA government enacted legislation that protected Monsanto from any lawsuits over any environmental damage... Blackwater was hired to protect test farms with machine guns! That is the reason I get so cantankerous in The Eatles songs... I love inserting easter eggs! Like a reference to the farmers burning GMO fields down, angry mob style, or HULK smashing their M logo... But I do worry that what I imagine could actually happen, that quarantine of North America and all its taintedness... Do you see that as a possibility? Maybe WWIII will be fought over this very issue...
This is A Day In The Leaf... (you will ROFL)

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Monsanto is absolutely the worst, most evil corporation in the world. They won't even feed their own employee's the monsanto grown crap in their cafe. Slow killing the world!

Thanks for putting this out there.

Not too many things I didn't already know about, aside from the adhesives on plastics, toilet paper packaging, and envelopes.

Good work.

This post deserves more attention!

Thank you! Let's ban that shit!!

This is why I have a garden and grow a lot of my own food. For what I don't grow, I'm careful about what I buy. Organic and non GMO.


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It disgusts me so much how many people think GMO's are alright and a good thing because it produces more food. A lot of people think anti Monsanto people are crazy. I learned even more than I already knew from this post. Thank you for this knowledge.

Bono is a MAJOR Monsanto shill!!
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