We live on credit : 1st Earth Overshoot Day

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Hello everyone!

Today it is 1st Earth Overshoot Day for the whole world.
But what is it?
It is a question from the day when the Earth cannot support anymore the human consumption. This planet is not capable anymore of regenerating in one year.
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This date results from a calculation developed by Mathis Wackernage president of the American NGO, Global Footprint Network.
He so determines the global ecological footprint and the impact of the man on his environment.
In 2017, the NGO estimated this date on August 2nd.
Since the 1980s, this day do not stop being more and more premature.
At that time, it was a question December 24th but for these last forty years we notice an acceleration of the phenomenon.
By Global Footprint Network.
However, this day concept of overtaking is disputed by the Greens-sceptics.

** The Calculation **

This NGO presents the following calculation J = B/E
knowing that:

  • J is the day of overtaking (counted from January 1st)
  • B is the biocapacity or the biological production capacity of the planet
  • E the ecological footprint of the humanity is.

"It is the report of the biocapacity on the global ecological footprint, returned to a date of the year, a date being perceived as more striking than a percentage".

From this calculation, we can determine the number of planet necessary Earth to meet the consumption in renewable resources of the humanity in one year. In 2017, this number was 1,7 and the extrapolation of the data shows that the threshold of 2 planets Earth will be well before exceeded the end of the first half of the XXIth century.
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By Global Footprint Network

If no drastic measure and strong political decisions in front of lobbies are then taken he needs to expect a degradation of the situation at the environmental, humanitarian, social and economic level.

Annual balance sheet
The humanity has already consumed all the nature reserves of the planet for one year and emitted more greenhouse gases than The Earth cannot absorb in 365 days.
In seven months, the humanity collected more that what he can produce, fished for fishes to the excess, and brought down all the trees which can grow in one year.
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For Valérie Gramond, program manager of the association WWF "We are bitting the hand that feeds us".
We are not any more in the science fiction."
"We need [...] drinking water, a fertile soil. It is necessary to register our economic activities within that framework and not the opposite", according to her.

The target sectors

Several business sectors are in sights concerning the efforts to supply to slow down the process, in particular the intensive farming and the cattle industry, but also the mass-market retailing which encourages consumption.
The animal overconsumption of proteins is one of the factors of the environmental degradation.
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Also, the deforestation in particular in Amazonia but also the industrial sectors, the fossil fuels and the automobile and computing equipment manufacturers engender of big consumption of natural resources and pollute in a consequent way. In brief, the set of the lobbies worldwide.
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France as for her already lives on credit since May 5th.
If the humanity lived French-style, it is not two but three planets that would be necessary for our consumption.
The French branch of the NGO WWF announces May 4th, 2018 when the day of the French overtaking calculated by Global Fooprint Network falls in 2018 on May 5th. In other words, would be needed 2,9 Earth if all the humanity lived as the French people.
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By terresacree.org

The solutions considered

At the time of the frugalisme or at the time of the minimalism, more and more people decrease their consumption.

Also, a public-spirited moose and an individual awareness could make the difference,
If each of us paid attention to our consumption, to our waste; if we favor the recycling, the barter or the repair rather than the purchase, it would be possible to reduce the human impact on the planet.

Furthermore, it is necessary to favor local products to reduce "the carbon footprint".

For transport, it is necessary to favor alternative ways as the ride sharing or to favor the development of non-polluting vehicle.
By econologie "Le moteur à eau"

Set up an effective legislation on the obsolescence programmed household electrical and IT devices.

Recycle, recycle, recycle! There are no other alternatives and to envisage this process of recycling from the conception of the product for a green economy.
By fr.freepik.com

The renewable energies such as the solar energy, the wind energy, geothermal and the same the human being have to be to favor and to develop energy green. Especially avoid nuclear power.

Fight against the deforestation and favor tree plantings and protection of forests.
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By science et avenir.fr

Limit the wasting in particular food where 30 % of our food go to the trash can when in other countries the population does not manage to feed.

Problem of wealth distribution natural and economic and of the development because emerging countries also have the access right to the technology. But this technological processing must be made in an ecological concern.

Immediate decrease of 50 % of greenhouse gases.

These solutions already exist and it is entirely up to us by simple gestures and to the everyday life to protect our environment.
Do not forget that we live from now on on credit on the future of our children and that there are no other planets similar to the Earth nearby and the terraformation of Mars is not the solution.
We have a system which works where we can live, ** let us protect it! **
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