Airbnb Publicly Reveals Ipo Filing Amid Covid-19 Surge - Business Insider

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Airbnb's IPO will likely net millions for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos - Business Insider: Avery Hartmans

The Amazon CEO was an early Airbnb investor, participating in Airbnb's Series A and Series B rounds in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

Airbnb publicly reveals IPO filing amid COVID-19 surge - Business Insider: Tyler Sonnemaker, Graham Rapier

Airbnb's long-anticipated IPO will be one of the largest public offerings of 2020, capping off a year of turmoil, layoffs, and emergency funding.

Biden: 'More people may die' if Trump continues to delay transition - Business Insider: John Haltiwanger

COVID-19 has led to nearly 247,000 confirmed deaths in the US so far, per Johns Hopkins University, more than any other country in the world.

VC Li Jin describes how she got hired at Andreessen Horowitz - Business Insider: Berber Jin

Li Jin was only 26 and had no VC experience when she cold applied for an investing role on Andreessen's website. She shares how she landed the job.

Media expert analyzes Disney, AT&T shift to smaller streaming profits - Business Insider: Ashley Rodriguez

Streaming is structurally less profitable than traditional TV, Doug Shapiro, a former Time Warner exec and media banker, explains.

Michelle Obama rips into Trump on Instagram over refusing to concede - Business Insider: Jake Lahut

The former first lady emphasized the need for a peaceful transfer of power, writing "our democracy is so much bigger than anybody's ego."

How the cofounders of ClearMask built their business in the pandemic - Business Insider: Emily Canal

How the cofounders of ClearMask built a startup as demand skyrocketed, got FDA approval, and created a transparent face mask that doesn't fog up.

Moderna vaccine trial volunteer speaks out on what it's like - Business Insider: Elle Hardy

Elle Hardy said that after experiencing some light side effects from the shot she took an antibody test that came back positive.

Nurse: UMC El Paso doctors leave sickest COVID-19 patients in 'pit' - Business Insider: Ashley Collman

Lawanna Rivers, a travel nurse, said the time she spent at the University Medical Center of El Paso has been her worst posting during COVID-19 by far.

Moderna's coronavirus vaccine overcomes one of the biggest limitations of Pfizer's shot - Business Insider: Andrew Dunn, Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer

Moderna's coronavirus shot can be kept in a standard refrigerator. Pfizer's vaccine has to be stored at negative 94 degrees Fahrenheit.

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