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Federal judge throws out major Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania - Business Insider: Michelle Mark, Jacob Shamsian

The Trump campaign's lawyers argued earlier this week that they wanted Trump to be declared the winner of Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes.


The CEO of guitar icon Fender says company expects record 2020 sales - Business Insider: Matthew DeBord

The coronavirus pandemic and national lockdowns spurred a much-needed revival of the guitar business.


Blackburn 'misspoke' in acknowledging Biden's win over Trump - Business Insider: Connor Perrett

Blackburn, who has helped raise money from Trump's so-far failed legal challenges, seemed to acknowledge Joe Biden's win over the president.


Exclusive pandemic restaurant data reveals importance of tech - Business Insider: Kristen Hawley

Restaurant tech companies stand to win customers as COVID-weary diners come to expect apps, digital menus, and QR codes at restaurants.


How a part-time Domino's employee built a franchise empire - Business Insider: Max Jungreis

Emily Elwell started working at a Domino's in 2000, never imagining it would become her career. Two decades on, she and her husband own 11 locations.


Today's best mortgage and refinance rates: Saturday, November 21, 2020 - Business Insider: Laura Grace Tarpley

Both mortgage and refinance rates are low this weekend. It could be a good time to lock in mortgage rate.


Can employers make workers get vaccinated for COVID-19? What lawyers say - Business Insider: Yoonji Han, Jack Newsham

Companies could require employees to get vaccinated for the coronavirus, but there are still many unknowns, according to lawyers.


Doctors, officials in US coronavirus hotspots say they get villainized - Business Insider: Aria Bendix, Aylin Woodward, Hilary Brueck, Susie Neilson

Coronavirus cases and deaths are surging across the US. Officials and doctors in states with high case counts say they're facing vitriol.


Thanksgiving shows US learned few COVID lessons after Chinese New Year - Business Insider: Susie Neilson

China banned travel from Wuhan in January, before the Lunar New Year. But the US isn't doing much to stem coronavirus spread over Thanksgiving.


Inside BuzzFeed and HuffPost's acquisition: 2020 - Business Insider: Lauren Johnson, Claire Atkinson, Lara O'Reilly

BuzzFeed said that the two newsrooms will remain separate, but an internal document is encouraging them to work together.

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