Former National Security Advisor: Gop Needs To Tell Voters Trump Lost - Business Insider

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Trump allies considering buying out Newsmax to compete against Fox - Business Insider: Yelena Dzhanova

Fox News viewers have been navigating over to Newsmax after the network declared Biden as the winner.

NASA gives SpaceX the 'go' to launch 4 astronauts on Sunday - Business Insider: Morgan McFall-Johnsen, Dave Mosher

NASA this week certified SpaceX's rocket and spaceship. Weather permitting, the company will launch its Crew-1 astronaut mission at 7:27 p.m. ET.

States rush to buy ultra cold freezers for Pfizer coronavirus vaccine - Business Insider: Bethany Biron

The vaccine requires being kept at -94 degrees Fahrenheit, well below the average 36 degrees required for most vaccines.

Former national security advisor: GOP needs to tell voters Trump lost - Business Insider: Yelena Dzhanova

The former White House national security advisor told ABC News it is "critical" that Republican leaders "explain what actually happened."

Trump for the first time says Biden won but blames 'rigged' process - Business Insider: John L. Dorman

The president had not previously admitted defeat to the president-elect, instead choosing to ignore the results of the election for over a week.

Trump belligerent post-presidency will be headache for Biden, economy - Business Insider: Opinion Columnist

Trump is not going to go away quietly after he leaves the presidency. His rule-shattering yelling is going to be a problem for Biden and the country.

Today's best mortgage and refinance rates: Sunday, November 15, 2020 - Business Insider: Laura Grace Tarpley

Mortgage rates have gone up since last Sunday, but rates are still low overall. You may want to get a new mortgage or refinance soon.

Private banking: What is it, and how does it work? - Business Insider: Laura Grace Tarpley

Private banking gives people with high net worths individual bankers, access to exclusive events, and discounts on products such as loans.

Joe Biden tipped to appoint first woman as Pentagon chief - Business Insider: Sophia Ankel

Michele Flournoy, a politically moderate Pentagon veteran, is regarded by US officials as a top choice for the defense secretary position.

1,100 Americans are dying every day from COVID-19 as death rate climbs - Business Insider: Kelsey Vlamis

Cases and hospitalizations continue to rise rapidly as well, breaking records most days and outpacing the rise in the number of tests being conducted.

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