Top Places People Want To Travel To After Covid-19 Vaccine News - Insider

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How Twitter acquiring CNN could change the future of news - Business Insider: Prof G

As cable loses more and more viewers, Galloways says a merge of TV news talent with the reach of a social media mammoth would be powerful.

Top places people want to travel to after COVID-19 vaccine news - Insider: Sophie-Claire Hoeller

When the news of potential coronavirus vaccines broke, some people immediately started planning their next vacation. Here's where they want to go.

How ViacomCBS produced its first TikTok reality show: Next Influencer - Business Insider: Dan Whateley

AwesomenessTV, a division within ViacomCBS focused on digital content, releases its TikTok reality show "AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer" on Sunday.

Black Friday shopping precautions amid COVID, according to experts - Business Insider: Brittany Chang

The three experts we spoke to all advise against wearing gloves while Black Friday shopping during the pandemic.

Pelosi calls Trump a 'psychopathic nut' as he challenges 2020 election - Business Insider: Oma Seddiq

The speaker made the comment during a call on Thursday evening with House Democratic leadership, Politico reported on Friday.

Apple cutting App Store commissions in half misses the real point - Business Insider: Jason Aten

Apple has a developer relations problem, and if they want to create a better user experience for customers, they need to solve it now.

Rudy Giuliani's journey from 'America's Mayor' to Trump's vocal lawyer - Business Insider: Ellen Cranley, Jake Lahut

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has had a high-profile ride from politician to President Donald Trump's attorney.

Tucker Carlson slams Trump's lawyer for refusing to show evidence of election fraud - Business Insider: Eliza Relman

Some of President Donald Trump's false election fraud claims are apparently a bridge too far for one of Trump's biggest Fox News boosters.

Benjamin Arabov talks future of online education; interview - Business Insider: Dominic-Madori Davis

Benjamin Arabov is on track for $6 million revenue this year. His dad is Jacob "the jeweler" Arabov, whose bling was worn by Diddy, Biggie, and Jay-Z.

Rudy Giuliani says 'cut the head off' Democrats in Fox News interview - Business Insider: Adam Payne

Trump's personal defence lawyer made the wild, baseless claim that an election company in Germany helped Biden cheat in the presidential election,

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