Twilio To Acquire Segment For $3.2 Billion: Report - Business Insider

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Twilio to acquire Segment for $3.2 billion: Report - Business Insider: Keerthi Vedantam

Months after Segment laid off 10% of its staff due to the coronavirus, Twilio is set to acquire the company, according to Forbes.

Next scheduled presidential debate between Trump and Biden has been canceled - Business Insider: Lauren Frias

The Commission on Presidential Debates canceled the upcoming debate scheduled for October 15, which was changed to a virtual event.

Trump plans to hold an outdoor event at the White House while still sick with COVID-19 - Business Insider: Grace Panetta

ABC News and the New York Times said that Trump is planning to address "hundreds" on the White House lawn from a balcony.

Fauci calls White House outbreak a coronavirus superspreader event - Business Insider: Aylin Woodward

President Trump hosted a recent ceremony with 150 attendees in the Rose Garden. Masks were optional; now the White House faces a COVID-19 outbreak.

SCOTT GALLOWAY: Tesla is the stock story of the decade, and Robinhood is the fuel - Business Insider: Prof G

If you want to know what Tesla's stock will do tomorrow, just look at how many Robinhood accounts were opened today.

White House policy chief previews a Trump second term agenda - Business Insider: Kimberly Leonard

Brooke Rollins leads the White House's influential Domestic Policy Council, which is responsible for coordinating and implementing Trump's agenda.

Michelin reviews Burger King after the chain begged for a star rating - Business Insider: Grace Dean

Last month, Burger King Belgium launched a petition to get a Michelin star for its new burger, telling reviewers: "yes, you will be served on a tray."

Canadian basic income experiment gave $7,500 to homeless people - Business Insider: Marguerite Ward

More jurisdictions across the world are experimenting with the idea of a universal basic income, a guaranteed income in the form of cash payments.

Marijuana legalization ballot tracker: New Jersey, Arizona, Montana - Business Insider: Jeremy Berke, Yeji Jesse Lee

Five states are set to vote on marijuana legalization this November. Here's everything you need to know.

Almost every detail about the iPhone 12 may have just leaked before Apple's big event - Business Insider: Lisa Eadicicco

Apple's iPhone 12 lineup will reportedly launch in late October and November and come in a range of colors, including blue and green, says a new leak.

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