An interesting astrologer raises the cup of tea, raising the astrologer, Madan Lal's grandmother

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Madan Lal is the real name of the grandmother.
Madan, who lives in the Pali district of Rajasthan

  • At the young age was the death of the parents
  • From working on tea shop to catering business

new Delhi. Danti Maharaj, who is absconding after being accused of rap, released a video and described herself as innocent. He is missing since the filing of a case against him in Fatehpur Beri police station in South Delhi. Even so, many people still do not know who is this person who is called Datta Maharaj and who has come from where he came from. Even people do not even know his real name. Madan Lal became such a lady ...

  • The close friend of Datta Maharaj told his whole story. The real name of this person, famous for the name of Datta Maharaj, is Madan Lal, who resides in Alawas village of Pali district of Rajasthan.
    Madan Lal was born in July, Meghwal family living in this village. Meghwal community earns money by playing the drum. Madan's father Devaram also used to do the same thing.
  • The closest thing is that after a few moments of his death, his mother died. When Madan was seven years old, Devaram also died.
    After some years Madan came to Delhi with a man from the village. Where he did small things like working in the tea shop, then he started learning about the work of catering.
    After this, Madan started working for Birthday and for small parties. Twist in Madan's life came in 1996, when he met astrologer from Rajasthan.
    After meeting with astrologer, Madan also learned to see the horoscope. He started enjoying this work as well as the Future too, because there was a lot of profits in the hard work.
    After this, Madan closed the catering business and opened astrology center in Kailash Colony. Along with his name, Datta Maharaj has changed his name.

A Prophecy Changed Life

In a few years, Madan became a known astrologer. He created fear in the minds of people about Shani Dev and shone up his business.
In the assembly elections held in Delhi in 1998, he predicted to win his election by watching the horoscope of a leader and he also won the election. After that the leader handed his work to Datta Maharaj in the pleasure of his victory in the fatehpur beri located in Fatehpur Beri.
After the truth of this prophecy, the popularity of Dati Maharaj alias Madan Lal gradually increased in the people, and the business started to grow tremendously.

  • During the Haridwar Mahakumbh, the Panchayati Mahanirvana Akhara gave the title of Mahamandaleshwar to Dati Maharaj. Daty Maharaj's self-confidence also increased as he attained the title and gave his name to Shani Mandir by Shantipath Shastipith Shantham Pithadishwarwar and kept his name Shree Shree 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Paramahansa Datti Ji Maharaj.
  • Dati Maharaj now started his publicity through news channels too. He came to the discussion through a program like 'Saturn enemy not friend'. In the beginning, he started his programs by giving money, but after some time watching channels of increasing populidity himself started calling him in his studio.
    In 2003, Dati Maharaj established a statue of Shani Dev in his ashram. The ashram also has a hospital, goshala and orphanage. Dattatriya Maharaj then made his ashram in Pali.

This is the whole case of rap

  • A 25-year-old woman recently accused Dati Maharaj and some of his colleagues for raping him. This incident happened two years ago. In this case, the girl has complained to the Fatehpur Beri police station in south Delhi.
    According to the victim, he had been a follower of Maharaj for nearly a decade, but after this incident, ran away from the ashram two years ago. After that he went into depression. After leaving the depression, he told his parents the whole thing and went with them and complained to the police.
  • The woman told in her pregnancy that how to three days of the toothache and her colleagues sexually exploited. According to the victim, on February 9, 2016, the service rendered to the grandson of Dati had taken him to the tooth for the Phase Seva at Shani Dham Ashram located in Asola.
    In the ashram, the maiden was sent in a dark cave room with white clothes. After that, the grandson, who came to the cave, said to the victim, "I am your lord, why roam around here." I'll finish all lust. After this, the Daddy rapped with him. The girl has also accused Rane of a grandson of a grandson.


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