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RE: Mainstream media continues to distract while French police make their own list of demands 🇫🇷

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Hi Sam, as a French guy myself, I follow these events closely too. I think that your description of the situation is pretty accurate. Where I disagree though is when you talk about immigration being a main cause of the protests. I think that the rift as you say is rather between the "rich" and the "poor". This is why I don't think that the measures announced by our president will be enough to stop the movement. The yellow vests want the richest to pay for the ecological transition, not always those who already have difficulties. This is a social and economical crisis caused by decades of political decisions. I hope the government finally understands that...

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Hello there! I am very happy to finally meet a French person under one of these posts :)

Thanks for bringing up this point which I failed to mention. The rich and poor divide is the probably the most provocative aspect here.

Though it is worth noting that there is a bigger story behind immigration. Have you looked into the Global Compact for Migration which was signed by 164 nations a few days ago? I am yet to give this agreement a thorough examination but it feels to me like an attempt to further dissolve the boarders between us, ultimately making it easier for migrants to become citizens.

"The agreement makes no distinction between illegal and legal migrants"

Curious don't you think that Macron is happy to sign this at a time when the negative effect of immigration is so evident?

I have no informed opinion on the compact for migration but there sure is a humanitarian question on immigration that will become more important with the future climate change induced migrations. The timing of the signature of the agreement may indeed push some of the most far right yellow vests to continue their protests. It is an apolitical movement though and it is difficult to predict the global behavior of such a diverse crowd. We'll see how it goes today...

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So how many of these immigrants that have come into the country would you say are “rich”? My guess is they are all “poor” and therefore have strained the system even harder than the “organic” collapse. This is a global problem that is getting much worse.

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Spot on. And now that they 162 nations have (quietly) signed The Global Compact for Migration the problem is going to be accelerated.