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RE: Life inside China during the CoViD-19 Virus Outbreak

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Excellent information.

And a perfect example for me of what Steem should be about.

My daughter begins studying Chinese at university in September.

Her course will include one or two years in China so we are keen to learn what 'real life' is like in China - particularly in this very difficult time.

I was particularly fascinated by the video of the trip to the supermarket. I hope you can make more of these.

Thank you.


Oh that's cool. I've been here long enough to know a little about a lot of stuff so feel free to ask me down the line for any advice or anything your daughter might need! Hopefully the Summer will spell the end of the crisis enough to go back to normal life for most people... =)

I'll put some more videos up if anything interesting happens for sure!

Great thank you for the offer.

I think it is one of the universities in Beijing she will be going to. Hopefully everything will be back to normal by then.