Nicholas Saputra Starred in the Latest Film 'Paranoia' with Nirina Zubir

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Nicholas Saputra's Latest Movie Title With Miles Films Finally Revealed. 'Paranoia' will also feature the acting of Nirina Zubir, Lukman Sardi, and young star Caitlin North Lewis.

Mira Lesmana finally announced the title of the latest film produced by Miles Films. Previously, there had been rumors that Mira and Riri Riza would return to work with Nicholas Saputra. The much-awaited film is entitled "Paranoia".

Apart from confirming Nicho as the main character, Mira also announced the actors and actresses who starred in the film. Among them are Nirina Zubir, Caitlin North Lewis, and Lukman Sardi. Currently, the movie "Paranoia" is in the process of filming.

"PARANOIA is entering the shooting stage," he continued. "Previously, all crew and players had to go through two PCR tests, now all are quarantined together at the location until shooting is complete."