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 Daeja's View: Can there be too much Dota 2?

 I’ve always thought more Dota 2 is better. More professional games means more entertainment for me and my fellow viewers. But is it possible for there to be too much of a good thing?

  1.  First of all, there are many emerging teams, from different parts of the world. Imagine how tough it would be for them to participate at a Major, for example. That's why a Minor or other, small scale tournament may be the perfect ramp for their launch. I get it why there are so many tournaments and i also get it that it might be fatiguing, at one point, even for the viewer (it's a given for the player).
    It's tough to hold a tournament for a long(er) period of time, there are costs and maintenance which the organizer always has to support. Not everyone is swimming in cash like Valve is so other, small scale tournaments have to be held for a shorter period of time. On a side-note, a little more planning and organization wouldn't hurt. Fixed timetables for tournaments, avoid over-lapping, make sure there are at least 2 weeks between two separate competitions, to avoid exhaustion/fatigue. What is uncommon (for me, at least) is to see so many teams dropping out of certain tournaments, citing various reasons (not to say they're not true, though) while focusing strictly on the big ones. I agree with you, here - the Minors NEED to be more important. Don't know, maybe less cash but more DPC? My (probably dumb) idea would be exactly this: Majors have a big prize pool but less DPC than Minors, which themselves have lower prize pools. Oh well, this would be an endless debate:)
  2.  Definitely too much Dota this season! And that's really something, considering it's coming from me, someone who loves watching the game. They need to make Minors feel more important and Majors last longer. Switching from just 2-3 Majors to so many official events was an extreme change. Maybe a limit to the number of events, like 12-15, would be good. 
  3.  Any team fight heroes - enigma, tide, sk etc. Also any fast pushers like furion, lycan. Thats why im not fan of chinese dota, super boring and perdictable, full davai VP or Secret is way better :D