Binance Adds EOS/USDT Pair & will Support MainNet Swap

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After seeing this news, had to log in to my binance where I confirmed it that one of the biggest crypto exchange, Binance is adding EOS/BNB and EOS/USDT trading pairs and sharing updates of the swap coming up with its MainNet launch. This highly anticipated launch has expected to take EOS price to well above $30 price level which if realizes can put EOS on the 4th spot. Now EOS/BNB and EOS/USDT trading pairs available on Binance

Binance, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange has announced the introduction of two new trading pairs for EOS i.e. EOS/BNB and EOS/USDT. These trading pairs will be open for trading from today 05:00 AM (UTC).

USDT is a stable coin that adds more liquidity. The addition of these news pairs has come just days before its MainNet launch on June 2. This upcoming launch has crypto enthusiasts all geared up for an expected price surge.

Just 5 days are left for the Mainnet launch of EOS. A number of exchanges are already supporting the EOS swap from ethereum blockchain to its own blockchain. Binance had already announced the support of the swap about 3 months back.

Binance further provided additional information regarding this swap on its official page. The deposits and withdrawals of EOS will be suspended from “2018/05/31 0:00 AM (UTC)”.

The procedure will be initiated by the exchange on May 31. Once the MainNet gets stable, the deposits and withdrawals will be re-established as mentioned:

“We will open EOS deposits and withdrawals again once we deem the EOS mainnet to be stable.”

The exchange also asks the users to be careful and ensure that they leave sufficient time for the EOS deposits and have them processed prior to May 31 so that no funds are lost.

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A number of exchanges other than Binance are supporting the swap as well. One of the first ones to add support was Kucoin. A month ago, Bitfinex announced the support along with its interest to be one of the 21 block producers.

Recently, CoinDCX announced the support while India’s Zebpay did too. Popular cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken is also supporting the launch along with another prominent name Bithumb. Bibox and Gopax are also supporting the token swap of EOS.

EOS bulls have started to take charge from the bears as in the last 24 hours, it registered a gain of about 3.45 percent. However, given the current market scenario, the prices keep on having a rough ride. According to Coinmarketcap, at the time of writing EOS coin is riding the $12.70 price value with a market cap of $11.2 billion.

Currently, EOS is at the 5th spot which crypto enthusiasts and investors are expecting to go well over $30 with its highly anticipated MainNet launch. Also, John McAfee has predicted EOS price to hit $32 level by July end. If this happens, we might see EOS take over the fourth spot from Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which doesn’t have the development coming up like EOS.

Legal Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor nor is any content in this article presented as financial advice.

Sources CryptoCrunch

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Super-useful. Thanks.

You're welcome. Have a super day!

I should have held onto my EOS for a longer time. Unfortunately, I sold all of them too early :( Informative post nevertheless.

thanks dude. i find this post very, very informative. up-voted.

This is huge news for EOS

I guess the launch will be smooth and the price will make a new ATH

I am honestly hoping this will give a new high too as I am currently holding.

June 1 is nearly here.

I hope you turn out on the winning side

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Thanks for letting us know that , but i wanted to ask is there any is going to be done to that guy called Ramos for what he has done cos it was intention

I have not heard about him, please explain

Buy the hype, sell the news!

You are right. It is the key to survival in this though market

what exactly does that mean. i keep hearing that and am not sure i know what it means..

@excy4yaweh In crypto markets for various reasons, price of a coin tends to increase as hype around an approaching event increases, but then upon release price tends to decrease. EOS may be the exception, but I am going to wait it out on EOS to see what happens to it upon main net release. Who knows it could be a massive failure

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I thought with the mainnet due on June 1, the price of EOS would have been in region of $40 now, but the market has a mind of its own

Really interesting read, I think EOS has the capacity to overtake BCash too and this move could well be the prompt for it to do so.

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Thank you so much for share the news.

I like the crypto world - go for it!