DTube - YouTube Vs 420 & The Great Cannabis Purge of 2018

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YouTube Strikes Again!

This time their purge is aimed at cannabis related channels because they to are going up against the status quo by exposing big Pharma and educating people on the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest news regarding censorship on the YouTube platform while also explaining his plans for extensive and exclusive coverage coming up of this years 420 event in Vancouver!

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▶️ DTube

You are being hit hard?
Just because I said the truth about feminism, islam and religion as a whole, most of my videos were marked as 18+, some were is some sort of purgatory ald almost ALL were demonetized. that is wen I still had my channel.
According to YT science, facts, reason, human anatomy = hate speech because feelings.
I lost 2 accounts 81k and 25k subscribers
On my 3rd account with 40k subs I have 2 strikes:

  • unboxing video
  • saying that fat kid is fat and making few jokes

On my 4th channel I have a strike on a sketch video where 4 versions of me are watching a video, joking and arguing with each other. A 5 year old who does not speak the language can notice that this video is not meant to be taken seriously... Strike for bullying...

ROFL! Ya man, I totally relate. I have 7 channels on Youtube, and almost all of them have been hit.

This is my recent video about feminism, and I won't even bother posting it to youtube.


good on ya

I think the pendulum is swinging away from Youtube. There are more choices now.

I think Youtube believes they will have plenty of... what do you call people that use google, youtube, etc? What do they call us? Anyway I think they believe they can still be successful losing users. It is becoming a huge echo chamber. When that happens they will lose influence they have been exerting on everyone. By censoring particular groups they have exposed themselves as a cult.

Dtube will be best in future

I love it. "I am doing this YT video to advise YT I will not be doing a YT video" LOL, stick it to the man Dan!!

Just another reason to move over here and start boycotting YouTube and Google guys!

Dtube is not stable enough for me yet. Most of the time it won't let me post or offer to try again

Yeah I really wish DTube would get it together. Most of the time videos won't play. Hell, this video won't play for me right now, so I'm watching it over on YouTube. I wish it was otherwise, but the facts are the facts. DTube can't stream video yet. And the uploads usually don't work for most users. Almost nobody who uses it says that it works properly for them on a regular basis. :(

Support and demand from the steemit community will promote faster growth of DTube.

Also, putting up with crap from large corporations because their product is currently more convenient seems unacceptable to me.

We’re not talking less convenient here, we’re talking it barely works.

dtube and steemit need to fund some anti-censorship programmers to help the IPFS/ IPNS coding team. all the issues on this platform stem from not enough IPFS servers and little glitchy issues where certain times of the day when demand is high and a video doesn't have as much interest it goes super slow and in bursts.

My cannabis content has been heavily censored on YouTube for a decade.
BTW, you mentioned "cancer" and "cannabis" in the same sentence - this video is definitely under investigation and censorship now! (Being silly, but it's probably true.)
4/20 will be at the Art Gallery as well as the beach this year (rain or shine).

Dude, YouTube has become a real buzzkill!

It's true, they took down Loaded Up Entertainment. Unforgivable.

Don't touch my Cannabis YouTube, they will not succeed as we have DTube and we are out of their control! :D

I heard DLive actually works, and you get 100% of the revenue instead of 75% on DTube.

I'll blaze to that brother!

And that is the reason why I am using #YouTube less and less.

I agree, fuck youtube and their censorship

100% stamina. good man.

Ya man, I have felt the wrath too. Youtube just isn't worth it for me any more. I have switched almost exclusively to Dtube/Steemit!
Thanks for the report! Puff puff pass!


I'm on my second strike with 420 press news with videos that have been there 5 years I'm sure I'll get my third strike soon. And I'm surprised I lasted this long with news in my title.

Sorry to hear this @pressfortruth . We at GanjaGirls fully supports cannabis on SteemIt and the content for it.

awesome I am glad to hear you are not using youtube for 420!

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