The Government Is TERRIFIED of The Budding Cannabis Industry But It CAN’T Be Stopped!

in #news2 years ago

The cannabis space is the largest and fastest growing industry on the market today and this has big Pharma and our governments shaking in their boots!

Some countries however are beginning to get with the program and they are realizing that they can no longer suppress what the people want which is fair and reasonable access to medicinal and recreational cannabis. One company in particular, International Cannabis Corp has emerged as the global leaders in the acquisition and operation of international cannabis assets.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Lucas Birdsall of International Cannabis Corp about the size of this industry, the incredible potential post legalization and how to best position yourself for the coming green rush!

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What a nozzle that guy was. He looked okay, but when he opened his mouth only corporate gibberish poured out.

Haha yeah! Getting so sick of sharky suits droning on about legalisation and corporatisation bs....and starting to lose respect for people who tolerate it.