YouTube Censorship Is Instigating A Race War - What You Need To Know!

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The first victim of Youtube's new censorship program has been targeted.

Free speech just took a major blow as content creators are now being targeted on Youtube for their political ideologies that go against Google's status quo. However there is more to this story than meets the eye so

in this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth points out the tactics that are being used in order to launch both a race war and a war on content creators by killing two birds with one stone.

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Youtube censored version of the referenced video,

May DTube dethrone the Tube once and for all! thanks for sharing and namaste :)


can somebody tell me what is this error on dtube ? I can't upload a video while people uploading every 5 minutes there :

Well the video upload limit is approximetly 1 GB atm but Failed to fetch error is a problem caused by server. If you see this problem just hop in #dtube channel and inform me.

Oldest trick in the book...keep the masses distracted and fighting amounst themselves, being distracted from the real issues...thanks dan

I love this clip it goes with what you are saying. I love sharing info. Truth seeker

Very true , its why he was killed

Too bad this man was killed in cold blood, it was the best thing that happend to America and thats why he had to go..

yeah, the divide and conquer strategy.

@pressfortruth say goodbye to Google (ABC.corp & youtube), facebook and jump on alternatives.
Look around, don't be afraid to join other servers and hosting websites, cheers!.

I posted this link to facebook six times today. I post it they take it down. I dont get it. They promote steemit but not me talking about the monopolies that rape us everyday. I also said people dont think for themselves anymore. Want for free and do nothing for it.

They locked me out of my account last week

After 6 months of unsubbing my subscribers, restricting videos and demonetizing me, they finally put the gun to my head and pulled the trigger.

My appeal wasn't even acknowledged and just ignored. 50,000 subscribers and over 3 years worth of work gone!

In the initial email sent to me, they did give me 2 months to back up my videos before everything is deleted. I'll be uploading from now on to Dtube and Vimeo and posting on Steemit.

Say was a nice run!

Man I loved your videos thats BS

So sorry youtube did this I and my wife love you both and we are on Steemit to full steem ahead

Ultimately, Google is stupid for this, and they hurt their own bottom dollar.
Think of it this way, even if only 20% of YouTube consumers are driven even mostly away by Google's actions, that's 20% reduced advertiser reach. So the "big tent" advertisers now have to cut funds in order to reach that 20%, or find a new venue that reaches the whole 100% of their consumers. What Google will be left with is the short reach and niche products as their backbone- which isn't all that true, the large reach advertisers will still be their financial backbone, but the smaller brands will now have a larger voice, driving more consumers away with their SJW demands.
I guess the TL;DR of this is that this is just one more step for Google becoming one option of many by reducing their competitive edge. With the Google leadership being so SJW, they probably won't realize their mistake until it's too late to dominate the market.

The monetary/business issue, from a google/u tube, perspective is irrelevant. This is about banking control and world government.
The $ conversation is just shiny baubles for the plebs to talk about, while 'they' keep moving on with their goals - the money is of no relevance. - to them.

Censorship that is being applied now, is a symptom of them failing, as they try to push their agenda

great work done....nice information,followed you

Upvoted, re$teemed & following!

We should crowd source a new video hosting site.

We already have it,Dtube, started by a steemian. Sure it has a long way to go to get to youtube's standards but pretty damn good considering.

And Zuckerman wants to run for office. Maybe would be good if he did. He can do more damage as a CEO, so better to get him out of that role and into the body politic where he can be attacked more openly for his companies past behaviors

You see it working super well on fakebook. People are very divided there.

I don't quite remember your stance on Trump, but wouldn't you agree that there has been put an "explicit content sticker" on Trump?

I always worried that the media gave him way too much attention for him being an anti-establishment candidate. Why didn't they use the old method of ignoring they used on Ron Paul?

Well, sorry but I think you're seeing this wrong. Google can mute whoever they want to mute because it's their platform. It's not a free speech issue, the guy can still say this nasty stuff out loud as he pleases without getting thrown into prison or getting sued, but Google HAS THE RIGHT to deny him its platform. It's not an official government website or anything, but a private corporation so it's THEIR rules.
f.i. when some asshole comes crashing into your house spitting hate about how your girlfriend is ugly he basically has the right to SAY these things, but you can still kick him out or call the cops because he did it on YOUR ground.

It's the same thing with this racist bakery guy who doesn't want to serve gays.

I don't think anyone is saying it's a first amendment issue or that Google doesn't have the right as a private corporation to attack free speech. Google absolutely does have that right. But the moment any corporation attacks free speech - including Google, Facebook, Reddit, and others - FUCK EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. I'll use an alternative source wherever possible, and promote those alternative sources growing and competing. Ignoring the speech of others is something that should be done only at the individual level. I don't need or want any other collective telling me what to hear or say.

Great, I a really happy that I quit youtube and started using steem! :)

The migration away from you tube has begun. Those who want censorship fail to realize what comes around, goes around.

Start using the new Brave browser, which promotes freedom.

Google has become a totalitarian ultra far left regime. As an organisation it has been seriously compromised and corrupted at some point in its rise to dominance. The google minions have been so influenced and brainwashed that these probable once liberal minded individuals have now become party line fascist entities! Cowardly arseholes!

A note I had to share that i just sent to steemer "zen21"

Ok, after following you for just two days I have determined that you must be unemployed. Seriously, you post so often ( most of which is ripped off from others I follow) that i am so inundated with your posts I can't follow those I started following previously.
I don't disagree with, rather i support your views and political positions, but am looking for original content, not re-steems and rip-offs from other content creators.
Best of luck to you. Please view my comments as constructive...


Not dissing zen21 here, just offering some constructive critique.
Inundating your followers with endless posts of other's work is not the way to develop a following.

Best Regards all....

Thank you @pressfortruth, this is the same problem than in Europe with the same Zionist lobby ruling a war against white people when this lobby is one of the most racialists in its own country Israel. I made a post about how peoples end up in jail for telling the truth in EU about false ideas driven by that lobby. Like saying that at the time of the Celtic culture there are no black people amongst the Celts and Viking get you 6 month to 1 year in jail, just for telling a historical fact. All those lobby are in every white nation and get much power, they are part of Israel minister of propaganda. They are the first one to push for the mass immigration wave to invade EU. They must be fought as an enemy of every nation. If you look at what they are doing in Israel compare to them nazi where little players. I am so tired of this nonsense and about all the brainless people who are buying those lies. Thanks for the post the truth must be told what ever the price is.

Dont worry guys, youtube now meet its final days.

Google is working hand in hand with the State Dept to engage in a soft coup against Trump.... as much as Trump disgusts me with his mercantilism and boneheaded ideas about "building a wall" etc -- He was elected and I've seen no evidence that he has comitted any high crimes or misdemeanors.

It is actually scary how we are all "controlled" and bullied in this life. If you don't have freedom of speech, then you have absolutely nothing!

Good timing for Dtube then... and so the door opens again!

Terrific and very saddening info. Can't wait for DTube to blow up!

Dude you're about 10 years late :). A friend of mine had posted his fact based 9/11-Anthrax-War in Iraq video based on a paper he wrote titled the 'all roads document' the first time in 2007. They immediately deleted his account and have done that multiple times since then. Back when Google video still existed they also loved to split a video to about 10-20 versions as to artificially reduce the view count. Youtube then went on to delete subscribers and views from the videos.

All because he dared to name some American/Israeli dual citizens and the 1982 Oded Yinon Plan, the Project for a New American Century plan and the connections between American Neocons, Pentagon <> Military Industrial Complex and the not so subtle Israeli/Mossad links.

Needless to say no one ever argued or debated him on facts alone as they knew they wouldn't stand a chance and instead went straight to wholesale character assassination, the worn out anti-semite hammer and the even more worn out self hating jew hammer for all Israeli nationals who dared to agree with him.

Google and Youtube have always done that to people who argue facts and call a spade a spade regardless of PC culture or all that other bullshit. It's only since the pedogate thing that they are now all out on anyone who has anything critical to say about the establishment or the powers that be and they are even more obvious and outright propagandizing/hiding the truth under the veil of mainstream bullshit political correctness.

I do agree with you and get where you coming from but we'd all be well served to recognize that this has been going for a looong time and only now are people beginning to fight it - which is great.

By the way what you're witnessing here looks like a coup d'etat to artificially instigate a third civil war within the US.