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Destination One- Release Meanwhile, the rain falls in its own way. Some tribal teenage teenagers rush at the speed of the mountainous hillside with a big umbrella. Some have been in the cluttering game. We did not have any thunder or thunderstorm. They should each one be a photocopy. It's been like being a firefighter, it's been floating. If the hill runs along the road, the rest of the road is left only at the end of the horizon. Destination means freedom is mainly there. Mind release

At the same time, the house malkin first assures that I am not afraid to propose (I can understand that there was a romantic time). But what can be friend Got the consent But I did not know about identity. He did not even let me down and I also said that. I can not even say that I am telling you both, both of them are listening to the same path. If there were none other than the two of us there too. I decided to talk to him and give him a name and he would give me a name. So I gave him his name, one of my favorite names. He gave me a name - Spondon. I kept an objection to you. You did not say that. You are going to be around in the afternoon. Rain has decreased. It is raining but roaring It is time to leave the abandoned clay house a little bit, because the destination is far away.

I mean to him, I am going to revolve and you will be traveling with me. He said, come and go somewhere. And we wanted to know where we would go around. I said, let's see the sea, I can find myself even with the liberation. The journey started as a walkway. Two roads on both sides of the road. We are all around with silence. Meanwhile, we are getting wet in the cold wind and rainy rain. It is almost dark, but the road is light. At the lightning lightning is sometimes getting reflected in light. There is no problem going on the road. And the road to the mountainous soil is already dropped in the rain. It is only two to four feet. There are only two legs on my side here. There are two legs on the horizon. Dugunari is going to get very fast in the muddy streets but there is no way to stop. But there are narrow roads in front, but there are many ways to walk.


Beautiful story..Thanks for sharing such a interesting story

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