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Yeah. Karen is killing it. 😁❤🎻 I was probably the first violinist that dabbled in this kind of music (crossover) on Steem so im kind of proud when i see more violinists popping up and getting attention and doing well. Shes just a super nice, hard working person. Some countries have it harder which is one of the reasons im hoping for a bull run because steem can truly change lives for some.

Hello!! Thank you very much for your words and you also helped me a lot in growing in my videos and now always improving every day. Thanks and I hope at some point to be able to touch something with you technology about people and also talent

Thank you very much for your mension and well I do not speak English and someone recently helped me translate what you said in the video and verad grateful with your words and I hope to continue growing with my violin and my music is heard to many more people. THANK YOU @reseller

Thank you so much for the kind words and the shout-out! ❤️

You're very welcome, keep up the great work!

I really appreciate that! Thank you!

Thanks for the show, it's always nice to watch it. ☺

Thanks for all that you do with your cool interviews!

You'r very welcome. ☺

Doing great job this will helps to new members grow fast.

Thanks, I hope so.

I attempted to pay my August rent of $825 in STEAM.
My landlord looked at me like I had 4 eyeballs.

Yeah im sure we are not there yet.

I hate having to run and get a free money order and then run back to the landlord.

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good bro ...keep sharing good content

@reseller Thank You Sir share steem news

you're amazing!

I hate using the brave browser while on dtube.
I resteem and get no confirmation.
And my comments take forever to get uploaded to whatever post I'm on.
Does anyone know if these are known bugs?

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good bro ...keep sharing good content

good bro ...keep sharing good content

Always informative, my friend!

I love you guys you are very nice

You're very much welcome.

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Cool man! I wish all the best!

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