Aceh Entrepreneurs Reluctant to Use Port of Krueng Geukueh

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KRUENGGEUKUEH Businessmen in Lhokseumawe City and surrounding areas are considered to be interested in using Krueng Geukuh Port, North Aceh to market some crops to other areas.

Tuesday (9/5) said, he was reluctant to use the port, because the facilities are still very minimal and can not be used at all. "Usually I market the crops Like pinang, cinnamon and others do not use the port of Krueng Geukuh, North Aceh and use the port

goods through the port of Belawan, North Sumatra has many facilities, such as agencies that offer ease of delivery of goods within and outside the country. Hopefully later in the port of Krueng Geukuh can have adequate facilities, so that local entrepreneurs in Aceh can be easier, and all can


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