Dog Saves Abandoned Newborn Baby Found in Local Garbage Dump With Umbilical Cord Attached

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image source & credit goes to  MICAIAH BILGER 

 A dog rummaging in a garbage dump in Brazil is being credited with saving a newborn baby’s life.The stray female dog found the newborn boy with his umbilical cord still attached, the blog Life With Dogs reported Wednesday.Photos show the dog gently carrying the baby in its mouth away from the dump and to the nearest house in the city of Campinas, Brazil. According to the blog, the residents of the house immediately took the baby to the nearest hospital. 

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Don't they adoption in Brazil? Use it for God sakes!

That pictures if nuts. Wow, what a story.

so someone saw this dog with this baby in its mouth and decided to take pictures instead !!- really...

Two pictures if you see the link. Good point btw, what a world we live in.

yes I did, that's what made me question it ...

Old news. This incident held on 2015. However it's an amazing news. So, upvoted :)

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Lol for God's sakes