Easy to keep the house cool without AC 5 ways

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Has fallen hot Who does not want to go home tired of severe heat and cool down the environment. To get this cold fairy, many people use AC at home. But it is not possible for everyone to use AC.
So do not be frustrated. Apart from AC, the house can be kept cold. And there are some easy ways to do this. Indian media told NDTV that the ways

  1. Adequate air circulation
    The easiest way to cool the house is to keep the air circulation better. You can put the fan on the opposite side of the window. This will increase the air flow of the house and keep the house cool.
  2. Keep the bed wet
    Wet bed! This is a surprise to many. Take a few hours before bedtime to refrigerate the bed sheets. After reading the bed sheet lying down. If you feel asleep then you will feel cool.
  3. Ice use
    Put some ice in front of the table fan. Then leave the fan. The snow will feel cold due to ice. As a result the house will be cold.
  4. Screen usage
    One of the best ways to keep the house cool is to apply the screen. However, the curtain should be used by which the wind will enter but the light of the sun will prevail. And this will not increase the cracks of the house.
  5. Use cotton cloth
    Cotton clothes are very comfortable in this summer. Because there is no pair of cotton cloth on heating and sweating in body.

Air conditioner is important because it is too hot.

We are now not use air cooler .

Use the your teatmen.

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