Iran will leave the NPT if the US gets out of negotiation

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Tehran threatens to abandon nuclear weapons expansion agreement or NPT if the United States leaves Iran's nuclear deal or JSPO; Tehran threatens to leave Mohsen Rezaii, the secretary of the Iranian policymaking council and the former head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, warned.

Speaking to foreign journalists in Tehran, he said that European countries should not have long-term interest in selling their long-term interests to the interests of US President Donald Trump. He also said that Europeans will not be able to agree with the Zucca States on the implementation of the JSPO.

Rejecting the European countries's announcement of a plan to hold trump to nuclear negotiations, Rezai said the US government is following the wrong policy about the JSPO.

Since the United States took power in early 2010, Trump is canceling the nuclear deal signed by the six West countries including Iran and threatening to take the United States out of the compromise. In 2015, during the former US President Barack Obama's regime, Washington signed the agreement.

Since signing the agreement, the US President has been signing a notification every four months after suspending the sanctions imposed on Iran, focusing on Iran's program. The next date of signing the sign on May 12. But the trump threatened that if Iran's nuclear deal is not possible to change its way, then he will not sign the mandate and take the United States out of the compromise.


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