Myanmar is not favorable to return Rohingyas

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The current situation in Myanmar is not favorable for returning Rohingyas to Bangladesh, UN Assistant Secretary General Ursula Mueller said. He said that more than four lakh Rohingyas are virtually blocked in Myanmar's Rakhine state even after nearly seven lakh Rohingyas have taken refuge in Bangladesh.
About 1,30,000 Rohingyas are among them held in camp for six years.

The United Nations Assistant Secretary General on Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Relief Officer for Emergency Relief Affairs, Ursula Mueller, told these figures in a statement after a six-day visit to Myanmar. He urged to strengthen humanitarian assistance programs on the basis of the needs and rights of all communities, in line with international law and humanitarian policies.

Ursula Mueller said, "The protection of the most vulnerable people in Myanmar must be in the center of humanitarian aid programs of the government, the local relief agency and the international community. 'He said,' When we are in the country we will have to work without regard to their anthropological, religious identity and citizenship. We have to work together to ensure that no one in the conflict zone is deprived of sustainable and safe humanitarian protection and assistance. Myanmar's one should not be excluded from the path to better future path. '

The United Nations Assistant Secretary General, Ursula Mueller, met Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, along with Defense, International Assistance, Social Welfare, Relief and Rehabilitation and the Minister of State for Border Affairs. In the Rakhine state, he visited nearly 150,000 Rohingyas camps displaced six hundred years ago.


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