The dramatization of radar installation at the airport

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At the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, the AT Radar was established in 1984. The first upgrade was made in 2008. According to the 2016 decision until the new radar is bought, the existing Thalass Company radar is upgraded. On the other hand, the government took the project to improve safety and security management of the country's airports. Under this project implemented under civil aviation authority (discreetly), the supply and installation of two radar display workstations with the software at Shahjalal Airport was included. Disclaimer has decided to announce the completion of the project without the radar installation. Now it is said that there is no need for a radar display work station.

The new logic of the disclaimer was that during the inclusion of a radar display station in the project, the existing radar of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport was not able to operate 24 hours. As a result, the coverage of Shahjalal airport, including the radar installed at Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong, was to cover the whole country. So two radar display stations in the monitoring were included in the project from Shahjalal Airport. Already there are radar upgrades for this airport. As a result, the current position of radar can be continued for 24 hours. So it is not necessary that the decision has been made to think that the questioner
He did not agree to talk about the Chairman of Air Vice Marshal M Naim Hassan, Chairman of the organization.

The concerned officials said that the last meeting of the evaluation committee on the purchase proposal of two radar display stations is on January 25 this year. According to the recommendation of the meeting, the eligibility criteria of the documents obtained from 'NEP, Japan', 'Supply Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Radar Display Workstation with to Software License at Area Control Center of Shahjalal Airport' (Qualification Criteria) have not been met. Apart from this, the technical proposal is not acceptable and the committee has agreed with the tendency to keep the consensus. After this, the chairmanship of the chairmanship of the chairmanship was held on February 5 in the next duties. The decision to announce the closure of the 'Airport Safety and Security System Improvement in Bangladesh' project was 'postponed' and there was a decision to set up this radar station. The matter was raised on February 22 in the meeting of the Project Steering Committee. There has been a similar decision. After that, the PIC (Project Implementation Committee) meeting on March 15 was told to inform the Planning Commission about the rationale for the completion of the project without the radar display station. Now the next step is going to take the next step in questioning. Basically this is due to the setting up of a radar display station.
According to sources, the decision to set up a radar display station, the complainant is now saying that the ability to upgrade existing radar has increased. The chairwoman of the retailer has presented a comparative description of what the capacity has increased.

In this regard, he mentioned that earlier was a secondary surveillance radar system. Although it has many limitations, it is newly upgraded to the Monopolies Secondary Surveillance radar. As a result, the capacity has increased greatly. There was no 24 hours before; Now it has. The radar system had only one mode instead of the main and standby mode. There was no alternative way to stop for any reason. If you lose 1 now you can run the operation with standby mode. Without it, ATC Apache Controllers (radar) could see the positions of aircraft in just 21 inch display monitors. The new 32-inch display monitor shows the positions of aircraft. There is benefit in the control work. Earlier, there were only 4 21-inch display monitors in the Apache Control (radar) unit and area upper and lower unit. There was no monitor in the tower. Now there are 1 32 inch display monitor in the control tower with monitor and 6 new display monitors have been installed, including another 32-inch monitor at the Air Defense Notification Center of Bangladesh Air Force. Upgrade has reduced the echo problem in radar by 95 percent. Before that, only three aircrafts were selected and could be functional. Now it is possible to select 10 aircrafts and make them functional. Not only that, the radar had no aircrafts filtering system that is now being done. Earlier, the display of maximum 200 nautical miles could be seen.

Now it can be seen at a distance of more than 40 nautical miles at aircrafts. Radar Antenna Well Leakage Problems Has Been Removed Besides, Ikea's Flight Plan 2012 can now be done in the format. And the old Thales company's old software was now upgraded to the Thales ATM (Air Traffic Management) Topsky software. As a result, the operational advantages of ATC controllers increased.


It was an unimaginable number of people who did not think of the pictorial report of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. You remind me Thank you.

No, you information is recently. The original information is the name of Zia international airport.

I just heard about the airport in the airport but I do not know anything about the airport. I did not know much about the airport in order to catch this post. Thank you for posting so nice about the airport.

our country is vary nice shahjalal aripot.

At present, there is no airplane on the Bangladesh Airlines and Asia Airlines and Bangladesh Airlines has named many names in Asia and the world.

Thank you very much for posting with the rater of Shahjalal International Airport, we received a lot from your post.

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