Mainstream media continues to distract while French police make their own list of demands 🇫🇷

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In an attempt to redirect the anger of the French public there has been a huge media focus this week on the Strasbourg shooter who after a two day manhunt was shot dead yesterday by French police, while after four weeks of exhausting conditions in the cities, there is a notable media silence around the police themselves who under an increasing amount of pressure have drafted their own list of demands for the government with a warning of severe consequences if they are not met.

To clarify that which is being omitted by the mainstream, the yellow vest movement is more than just a weekend activity now. All over France there are permanent blockades on the main arteries while speed cameras have been disabled nationwide and toll booths forced to close. For now at least the violence in the cities does seem to be restricted to the weekends.

A desperate President speaks

Macron made an emergency speech to his nation on Monday night and from what I can tell from here in France, his nation are not impressed. He promised to increase the minimum wage and reduce taxes for the working class but straight out refused to increase taxes for the rich.

"I want to make changes because i understand you. I too have had to face crisis before becoming president". Macron

Knowing the luxurious life this man has lived one can see how his words might sound condescending. "Violence is unacceptable in my country" he went on to say, but made no mention of the violence being perpetrated on the public by the police.

Interestingly the police brutality has been pretty well covered by the mainstream.

Even if Macron remains true to his latest promises, with no indication of where all this extra money will come from, the French people know this will likely take months to be implemented and the words 'too little too late' come to mind.

False flag?

The Strasbourg attack made by Cherif Chekatt happened one day after Macron's speech and while I am not going to tell you this attack is somehow connected to the president's response I will say that it provided a perfect opportunity for the French media machine to shift their focus of attention to an unrelated story while injecting a little fear, uncertainty and doubt into the masses by making it intentionally unclear as to his motive at the time of the shooting.


Despite shouting "Allahu akbar" before attacking christians at a Christmas market, the religious connection was not initially highlighted by mainstream media, making sure the yellow vest chat rooms were suddenly filled with terror related conspiracies instead of yellow vest chat.

They have been trying to sell us the idea that the violence in the cities is being committed by extremists and Chekatt fits this narrative perfectly. As a man of Moroccan roots who was born in France, his story is being used to create a 'them and us' feeling. Understanding how decades of relaxed immigration policies have led to a strain on the system and ultimately to an increase in taxes, one can see how easy it might be in a situation like this to redirect the anger of the people towards the immigrants themselves.

The people of France however do not appear to be falling for this trick and while left and right wing continue to stand united under the yellow vest banner, another weekend of violent demonstrations looks likely.

Police melt down

Spokesman for the Paris Unité-SGP police union Rocco Contento is warning that the police have been stretched to their limit and are tired of being the punchbag for Macron and his government.


"Police resources are not inexhaustible. We were practically at our maximum. 89,000 members of the armed forces throughout France… We can’t do any more." Contento

He is clear that an unreasonable amount of pressure has been put on them to manage a crisis created by politicians and implied that strike action was possible.

"We also want to take off our vests. Not the yellow vests, but our blue vests if this continues. That’s the message I want to give to the highest state authorities. We are in a political crisis. It’s not up to the police force to get us out of it, it's up to politicians." Contento

Unpaid overtime and underpaid night shifts have left police suffering the same poor living conditions as the yellow vests they confront and the union has called on the government to deploy an emergency budget to compensate police officers “as a way of showing the gratitude that they like so much to assure us of.” source

The union sent an open letter on Monday with a list of demands, aimed at improving the pay and working conditions of police across the nation.

Should Macron refuse these demands and the police step down, the military will be called upon, but what will happen when they too refuse to do the dirty work of the politicians hiding in their ivory castles?

Assuming Macron doesn't somehow drag the EU army into this, there will be no where left to hide and he would do well to remind himself of the fate of previous rulers in times of revolution.

french revo.jpeg

Final thoughts

It isn't difficult to see how decades of worldwide crisis have led to the displacement of millions, putting excessive strain on the financial system of any country who opens their door to them. At first economies will see growth with all the new consumers, but eventually the price must be paid by the working class, creating a rift between tax paying nationalists and system reliant immigrants. But we already know this right?

That is why I find it difficult to understand how those in power didn't see this coming.

Indeed, perhaps they did and we would do well to remind ourselves that "all the world’s a stage", for there is very little in this particular arena which doesn't happen by design.

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I will do my best to provide continued coverage of this growing movement from here in the South of France, just outside Perpignan 🇫🇷

You can read my previous article on this subject here:

Or you can see a slightly more lighthearted video of my family and I prepping for whatever lays ahead.

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Interesting. The police have had enough of being the politician's puppets, but they'll carry on if offered enough money?
Just a thought that came to mind there.

Historically, police always do this. Beating people is fine, so long as there is payment.

Seems like everybody has a price...

Good point, @minismallholding, everybody has a price indeed... Maybe you'll appreciate the following video by Black Pilled YouTube channel - What is Your Price? - I thought it was pretty powerful myself, and seeing your comments I felt compelled to share it...

That was right on point. The comments section was an interesting read too. Makes you realise that nothing is really being done because nobody really knows who the enemy is. How do you attack an enemy if you don't know who they are? Instead everyone starts attacking one another because they are available to attack and don't believe the same as you.

All feels a bit planned really doesn't it.

Or if not it will be played to advantage.

This is a very good point! Looking at it like that we can see how they are not much better than the politicians.

Money and power. We all have a price, I guess.

We take so many thingss for granted in the modern era. When a government can only keep order with brute force its days are numbered. The French are in my thoughts. I hope cooler heads can fashion a way through this crisis without violence.

Hi Sam, as a French guy myself, I follow these events closely too. I think that your description of the situation is pretty accurate. Where I disagree though is when you talk about immigration being a main cause of the protests. I think that the rift as you say is rather between the "rich" and the "poor". This is why I don't think that the measures announced by our president will be enough to stop the movement. The yellow vests want the richest to pay for the ecological transition, not always those who already have difficulties. This is a social and economical crisis caused by decades of political decisions. I hope the government finally understands that...

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Hello there! I am very happy to finally meet a French person under one of these posts :)

Thanks for bringing up this point which I failed to mention. The rich and poor divide is the probably the most provocative aspect here.

Though it is worth noting that there is a bigger story behind immigration. Have you looked into the Global Compact for Migration which was signed by 164 nations a few days ago? I am yet to give this agreement a thorough examination but it feels to me like an attempt to further dissolve the boarders between us, ultimately making it easier for migrants to become citizens.

"The agreement makes no distinction between illegal and legal migrants"

Curious don't you think that Macron is happy to sign this at a time when the negative effect of immigration is so evident?

I have no informed opinion on the compact for migration but there sure is a humanitarian question on immigration that will become more important with the future climate change induced migrations. The timing of the signature of the agreement may indeed push some of the most far right yellow vests to continue their protests. It is an apolitical movement though and it is difficult to predict the global behavior of such a diverse crowd. We'll see how it goes today...

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So how many of these immigrants that have come into the country would you say are “rich”? My guess is they are all “poor” and therefore have strained the system even harder than the “organic” collapse. This is a global problem that is getting much worse.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Spot on. And now that they 162 nations have (quietly) signed The Global Compact for Migration the problem is going to be accelerated.

I do not want to rain on anybody's parade, but I get hopeful when I see how Europeans are turning back to nationalism and commonsense, but at the same time, I have this sinking feeling the globalists have planned for this - perhaps as an excuse for martial law, or else, to light a fire between the original citizens and the islamists they so carefully filled the countries with. They need to smash their white populations and this could be a fast way.

If things do start to look bad, get going (to Poland) before it becomes impossible to travel with small children.

Glad to have come across your posts again, I got distracted and forgot I enjoy viewing your posts.

Here's hoping I am not too senile yet, to continue to remember.

For you and family - my best wishes for the season and Happy New Year.

Hello again Arthur! Why do you recommend Poland? Are you based there?

Two generations ago my family were farmers just outside Warsaw, but two wars later we are all over the place ;)

You are right about the globalists planning this by the way. My article yesterday covered this exact point:

All the best to you my friend!

I wish I was in Poland, no, I am in South Africa. As I am a pensioner, it means I cannot leave - since no other country would give me a pension, I cannot even think of leaving.

btw - I just resteemed a post I think everyone should see - just suggesting :)

I had a look at your page and resteemed two posts. Thanks for this. I had no idea, but it makes sense, given everything I know now.

Am curious to understand what is your connection to Poland? You used to live there?

No connection to Poland. I admired them when they rebelled against the Soviets...and now, when they had the intelligence to see the truth about the EU and their planned destruction of Europe through the flooding of people who have no education and who still cling to barbaric customs.

My only other connection to anything Polish was at the time I was a child, growing up in Tanganyika. Not far from where I lived, there was a camp for Polish women. They could not be returned to Poland by the Brits, because Poland was under soviet rule. They earned themselves pocket money by sowing dresses and so on - and they were known for enjoying parties and dancing (sorry, but that was all I was told as a child - in those days we did not tell kids about the seamier side of life).

Thanks @samstonehill. Good to read a clear narrative on what is actually happening in France. Resteemed. 🍀💛🦋🌈🌴

Being here in France I almost feel like it is my duty to follow this story and do my best to read between the lines.

Thanks for the resteem :)

That’s great and just what we need thanks xx

Thanks for keeping us updated with the Truth. I get so frustrated with MSM and how blatantly they ignor the Truth these days. But I am sure that the majority of the public is starting to see through their lies. We see the French state news telling us how it is starting to slow down and fizzle out. But from other sources We know it is spreading accross Europe.

Posted using Partiko Android

You nailed it here, superb read, if ever you get over to Poland, give me a shout out bro, you and the family welcome.

Thanks very much. This one took a fair amount of energy to put together as the kids both have colds and are quite clingy at the moment!

Appreciate the Poland invite. Funnily enough my roots are in Poland but I have yet to set foot in the country. My grandparents were Steinbergs and the last generation to live there, displaced by the first war to America. My father was born in Chicago and ended up fighting in the 2nd war, during which he changed our family name to Stonehill, not wanting to sound German!

I will bring my family to Poland eventually ;)

Ah you will find the Polish very welcoming indeed. I am a Brit abroad and they treat me just fine.

I think immigration is a lazy excuse used by the real perpetrators of the whole thing. Classic "us vs them" distraction to pull the attention of the people away form the ivory tower.

That police brutality video though. So uncalled for, but I can understand the frustration of the policemen themselves who I am sure gets grilled by their officers to "do whatever it takes to end this or its your asses on the line".

Selfishly I hope for the whole thing to reach critical mass and see you Frenchmen do what Frenchmen do best.

Also.. Funny for Macron to pretty much said "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" on TV.

Posted using Partiko Android

I really believe the immigration thing is key to bringing chaos to our world, before introducing a New World Order solution.

Wow getting very interesting in France. Stay safe my friend :)

Posted using Partiko Android

Closely following the media will probably end up being far more damaging to my health than armageddon!

It has been many years since I was this focused on it.

Yes the media can be full of lies ect.

Posted using Partiko Android

Of course, politicians knew that all this would happen, but they like to see GDP and numbers grow on paper without really caring what that means for people.

Thanks for the update!

Certainly feels this way.... and is only going to get worse as they usher in a new age of simplified migration. The Global Contract for Migration was signed just a few days ago by 164 nations.

Vive la France! Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite!

If only such ideals were possible within the current system.

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