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RE: Extensive Post Reveals Drills, Anomalies and Child Actors Involved With Parkland School Shooting in Florida on February 14, 2018 (N.S.F.W.)

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Real or staged, covered up or exploited....I really don't have an opinion as in the end it is just sad young people lost lives. I live about 30 min from that school and have a friend who lost their teenage child so. Thus what the media does or says means little to me.


Someone mentioned something quite similar to me about the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting event. That was before I watched Angel Colon walk out of the hospital smiling in less than a week after supposedly taking 6 rounds from a Sig Sauer MCX at close range.

No idea who that is. I don't watch the news so know very little about that whole Pulse thing. And since clearly I tickled a feather you should know I was in Tower 2 on 9/11. Again, I have no opinion of whether that was a conspiracy or not. Doesn't really matter as I had to endure the experience either way.

Who knows what to believe? Its the Internet and the age of the MSM's fake news/censorship and propaganda agenda. Here's Angel Colon stating on record he was shot 3 times. He has no visible wounds although he says he took a round to the hand. He walked out of that hospital a few days after this interview.

Video above was removed by Google (Deep State censors) less than 24 hours after I placed it in this post. It revealed the following.

Yup. Exactly why I do not watch the news.

Sig Sauer MCX: Weapon that Omar Mateen was reported as using at Pulse event.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 4.39.41 PM.png

Excerpt: Originally designed for U.S. Special Operations forces, the MCX was built from the “ground up” to be lightweight and short, and it accepts “a broad array of accessories, enabling you to build a complete weapon system for any scenario or environment,” Sig Sauer’s website says.

Both videos above showing that Pulse 'victim' Angel Colon had no apparent hand wounds or bandages as he stated he did, have now been censored by Google/Deep State censors after I posted them. I state Deep State in regards to Google because there is extensive evidence that now former Google CEO Eric Schmidt works in collusion with the US government.

More on Googles repressive policies -

Link to a third copy of the same video that has now been censored twice by You Tube (Deep State censors) since I posted it up here at Steemit. Angel Colon Hand Wound Missing - Pulse Nightclub Personality Shows No Apparent Sign of Physical Injury (Posted for Posterity)

How can you not have an opinion on whether it was real or staged if you believe that lives were lost?

Dear @scaredycatguide, please allow me to offer you my condolences. I live in San Bernardino, and in 2015, a similar massacre with similar inconsistencies destroyed lives here. Solidarity. It does suck when people immediately politicize the tragedy that occurred to you, not them!

I want to validate your comment and simply let you know that I read what you wrote, and I feel you. Now is a time for honoring and mourning lives lost. I offer you my respects.

Ultimately, the truth is ruthless. I hope every single one of us can grab hold of a kind hand and power through the revelation of total systemic corruption before it's too late.

People are passionate.

Blessings to all