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by SGT, SGT Report.com:

Q has dropped some absolute bombshells over the past 72 hours, and this one led me down the black hole of heroin production and child sex trafficking in North Korea, and the Clintons association with it.

As Q has said, think children. Think slaves.

When you put the pieces of the puzzle together, a horrifying picture emerges.

To read the very latest posts from Q, click here:

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Thank you SOOO much for getting out the truth. Upvoted!


God is using Trump to kick some globalist A$$!

So appreciate your work - I've been a subscriber to your channel for a long time. The subject of child trafficking, adrenochrome and our general enslavement by dazzling celeb influencers is really difficult for people to come to grips with. Gently, gently... keep doing what you're so very good at doing.

Less QQ more pew pew.
Tell Corsi to decode that!
What is new about these revelations?

Keep Bringing it SEAN @sgtreport no reason to ever let UP until they HANG !

Sean, can you give me an upvote and a rested on my latest Q-anon blog. I decoded a major breadcrumb that will bring down the New World Order! I need your large audience to see this. God bless

There is sure a new sheriff in town. The development with the info from Q Anon is more than thrilling! Thank you for your post!
There is hope for us all if the end of the evil elites is near!

Powerful stuff, brother! GODSPEED! GOD BLESS!... I too have a NSFW post of audio of John Podesta abusing a child and forcing that child to call him "Skippy". Let's bring em' down. Pray!

The more one investigates the sicker and more twisted the story. How do these "elites" even know what normal is to most people?

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